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CG Surprise is the Photoshop (CS6 and CC, Mac and Windows) extensions system which changes 1, 2 or 3 layers into 3D-looking objects with just 1 click. You set sides only once and get many different results with little to no effort, right in Photoshop. To achieve that CGS uses a novel algorithm which I've been inventing and developing for over a year. The objects don't have to be real; you could use vector shapes, text, sketches, drawings or even mix of photos.

Generated layers are flat (2D), so you don't need any 3D skills to edit them. To put things in technical terms, the 3D objects that are built by CGS are actually known as projections. You can't rotate these objects within 3D space, so to get a different orientation just run CGS again and generate a new one.
CG Surprise has some materials (textures) built in; you can also use your own.

CGS comes in 3 editions: Pixel-Perfect (pixel-art style), Smooth (with anti-aliasing) and Vector. Each edition has 6 types of orientations, including Isometric, Oblique and Cavalier.

CGS works best with straight, clean edges and geometric forms; avoid organic ones (like animals, people, plants), unless they are drawn in blocky / pixel art style. You will get the best results with layers size 100-200 px.

CGS accuracy is about +/- 2 px. Try to avoid details less than 4 px.

Please note that generated object may need some manual adjustments as the process involves skewing and / or scaling of the original.

And finally, when you're looking for inspiration, run surprising mode, which simply generates an object at random orientation and with random material. Experiment, play and have fun! :)

You can download the file here: link
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