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Master of drool

lol my dog, while we're going to drive to the rides make him excited <3

He is dogue de Bordeaux [link]
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Scott tries to do the same. LOL

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Ooooh the shoelaces XD my Honey does that all the time
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Lol have you slipped in it yet?
KitsuneTails's avatar
yep, also had my face slimed (she sleeps in my room XD)
tamga's avatar
Yeah. It's funny with those moments you skillfully dodge flying drool, seems like it's slow-mo. Og Likes to sleep with me too.
tiata1's avatar
I have dry drool and poop stains on the sits ![link]
tamga's avatar
Lol I have dry drool on everything, including the ceiling of my house... (link keeps taking me to my homepage)
tiata1's avatar
Lol by dogue de bordeax ( Chubby ) loves car rides too and gets exited
tamga's avatar
Lol when my dog gets in the car, she sits, staring unblinking out the front winder until the driver is in the car. It's funny as hell.
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
I will NOT be drawing this one, even with permission, LOL
Smile4daBirdy's avatar
:rofl: ... my pup does that too... as long as he does not shake his head... tehehehe
tamga's avatar
I've found dry drool on the ceiling of my house.
Smile4daBirdy's avatar
MWUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAH no need for Xmas decorations then! i had an experience with my pup once, he sat in the front seat and while i was driving he started drooling... i stopped at the traffic lights, looked at him and said: Nacho, you better not... and then he shook his huge head and i got drool all over my face!!! heheehe... if i did not love him so much... i'd be like eiouwwwwwwww... just got to love these pups, drool or not... :)
tamga's avatar
LOL! nice. Yeah agreed. Once my friend and myself were chatting when suddenly Og shook his head, I swear it was slow-mo when the drool went flying. A string went sailing right at me and I pulled like a half ass matrix, leaned back and dodged it! Unfortunately I haven't been about to dodge since. >.<;;
Smile4daBirdy's avatar
hahahaa, oh boy, that must have been a sight as well! tihihihi... i am laughing myself into a mini coma here, cause i can see it in my mind! just so funny ... where i know some folks would say: Youz NUTS!
tamga's avatar
The typical saying here when you get drooled on is "I've been slimed" more or less in a overly dramatic tone. Oh Ghostbusters, how right you were.
Smile4daBirdy's avatar
TSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAHAHAa... well said! i have to remember that! tihihi
Dog..Yeah i drool..Cuz I rule...
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Should see him with french fries. ;P
Seddrik's avatar
I'd hate to drool LIKE THAT whenever I start getting excited O __O
tamga's avatar
lol yeah, it'd be a dead give away...can we say embarrassing oDo
pugnar's avatar
lol, awesome dog. little messy but a great looking dog.
oh my good lordy GAWD!
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