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My Astamon



Meister's Astamon :heart: :heart: :heart:
Nicknames: "The Astamon with the awesome Voice", darling, Hasi...
Level: Ultimate
Type: Demon man
Attribute: Virus
Attacks: Hellfire, Maverick, all my Fluidum attacks: Mega-Nuklear-Blaster, Lightfire-Canon, Blue Planetpower, Nuclear-Laser,...
Fields: DA, NSO
Digivolve from: Gabbitmon [link] OR WinGabbitmon [link] , MajorFlamedramon [link] , Agipomon [link] , Caesaremon [link] , Famemon [link] , Pinemmon [link] , ApiDramon [link] , Sharkbitemon [link] , Truncheonmon [link] , DireWolfmon [link] , Tapmon [link]
Digivolve to: true Belphemon Rage Mode [link] , Belphemon Burst Mode [link] (Warp + Energy from me), Guavemon Godzilla Mode [link] (+ Fluidum), Guavemon Blast Mode [link] (+ Fluidum and my Macadamia-Sword), true GranDracmon, true MegiDramon, true SaberLeomon
Digi-X-Ross: JustiAstamon [link] (+ true Justimon), CoyoteAstamon [link] (+ Coyotemon [link] ), AstaMetalTyrannomon [link] (+ MeisterMetalTyrannomon [link] or a true MetalTyrannomon)
About my Astamon: He is an special Astamon and very adjusted to me. He ever says, that he isn't tamed. xD Since he as Gabbitmon first time digivolved to Astamon at 3rd August 2009, he digivolved only two times back. His character is similar the character he had as Gabbitmon, but much greater. He actual is friendly, but I do tease him. xD We normally annoy us mutial and he often annoys me with vanilla, which I hate. xD
De facto we are relatived. Because I was to strong(sic!), I decided to give Astamon some of my Fluidum. In January 2010, Lord Chaos the cat, have transmit per sectret alien technology 300 Fluidum points of me to Astamon. To our surprise he could now using all my attacks and my Macadamia-sword too, which actual normally only I could use. xD Because of that, it be able for him, to digivolve to Guavemon Godzilla Mode and Guavemon Blast Mode.
He says, he's sexual. xD
Favourite food: Meatballs, Tiramisu, Vanilla, cotton candy, Tafelspitz, roasted ducks
Favourite drink: Champagne, Berry juice
Favourite TV-Series: Dexter, Pawn Stars,...
Likes: guns, dagger, swords, snuggle(!), me, himself, his power, fighting, neatness, silk underwear, Luxios, Subaru WRC and WRT, Monster trucks
Dislikes: stains, churches
Height: 2,30m
Sex: Male
Chosen-Voice Actor: DENNIS SCHMIDT-FOSS (Who else?^^)

My Astamon on a drawing of :iconoukami-sugo: [link] ^^
My Astamon on a drawing of :iconjahpan: [link] ^^
My Astamon on drawings of :icondanitheangeldevil: [link] [link] ^^
My Astamon on drawings of :iconpikablaze: [link] [link] ^^

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you have an Astamon!? where? is it behind that Quartzmon?