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Another Me!Me!Me! deviantart emoticon 

Me!Me!Me! belongs to Studio Khara
gif made by me

50x50 so it also works as an avatar

can be found searching "mememe"
others: MEMEME MEMEME - Hana Reaching + Sad MEMEME - Trippy Hana Moment MEMEME - Beneath the Mask MEMEME - Hana Reaching + Sad 2 MEMEME - Flashy Mask 
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Mememe reminds me of Sonata Dusk so much it scares me.
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I wish I could animate boobs like that ;-;
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Done any rotoscoping? You could rotoscope over animations like this to help you learn :) 
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Hm. Never heard of it.
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haha it's just a technique where you draw over animations. Disney used to do it all the time to cut down on the time it took for them to do animations…
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Hm. looks simple, but I can't help but feel like it's stealing...
It'll be fine, though. XD
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I get that haha. I'd use it more of a learning tool, it helps figure out timing too. 

It's easiest to record yourself doing something and rotoscope over that though (we had to do it several times in my animation class)
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I wish I took animation class XD
All we have is a crappy art class ;-;
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I know how that is. I got lucky at my college, they keep changing if they have it or not, so this semester is the first time since 2011 that they've had the class and they make it ridiculously hard (we have 15 seconds due a week and I was talking to one of my high school friends down at SCAD, which is one of the top schools for animation, and he said that 15 seconds is pretty intense)

Are you mostly self taught for your animations? 
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MEMEME MEMEME Mememe Mememe Mememe MeMeMe mememe girl Creepy
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Cute at first...

F*** up at the end
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Cute!  So, this is an actual anime TV show?  I might have to find this...
Tambergal's avatar
nope, its from a music video called "Me!Me!Me!" 
Chaosfive-55's avatar
Oh! :D  Can I find it on YouTube?
Tambergal's avatar
probably not since it's nsfw

This is the original site it was posted on:

you can also watch the sequel here too:

But yeah, it's nsfw and some people are weirded out by it
Chaosfive-55's avatar
Actually, I did find it on youTube! :D Shocking!!
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I want to use it~I love this girl so much my friend made me an icon of her~

Obviously most people would think the video is weird "as hell", but honestly, I think that the Japanese would more likely relate to it because it's Otaku-style. I liked it, and you really have to be open minded to actually analyze the video. Just like "Girl"
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Sadly my file size is too big to use TwT 

yeah i've seen lots of varying opinions especially since i put this up XD 
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^^ it's a good icon tho!
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MEMEME MEMEME MEMEME - Hana Reaching + Sad MEMEME - Trippy Hana Moment Mememe MEMEME - Hana Reaching + Sad 2 MEMEME - Beneath the Mask MEMEME - Flashy Mask Mememe Mememe MeMeMe MeMeMe 
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her boobs move :3 FT NFL - Happy Natsu icon  its kawaii NOTICE ME SEMPAI (Rose Quartz Icon) Pervy Mark Pervy Mark Pervy Mark Pervy Mark Pervy Mark beware ! Or else! beware ! Or else! beware ! Or else! x3
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i hate people who use icons that they don't even know where they come from
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