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I couldn't find any mememe related deviantart emoticons so I decided that I would make the gifs and upload them myself

I do not own Me!Me!Me!, studio khara does. 

this is 50x50 so it also works as an icon/avatar 

can be found searching "mememe"
others: MEMEME MEMEME - Beneath the Mask MEMEME - Hana Reaching + Sad MEMEME - Trippy Hana Moment MEMEME - Hana Reaching + Sad 2 MEMEME - Flashy Mask 
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Why does she give me Sonata Dusk vibes?

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may i use as my avatar?
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Round and round you go!
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you can try, but the file size needs to be lowered by speeding it up, shortening it, and/or reducing the colors :( (I've been busy and photoshop hasn't been cooperative for me, otherwise I'd have a fixed version up)
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maybe try otimpzie by gimp
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I don't use gimp, I tried it once and had a pretty bad experience with it. I don't think it'd really help tbh :( 
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same when i watched it made me feel like wtf!!??! and it made my favrite sybolm into butts and cheasts im like NO! they reuwined it and so it was ok i like how u ddn't do the hole thing LOL
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lol yeah. I keep wanting to reference the video for one of my projects and talk about the animation but I'm afraid classmates that know the video will be like "omg you perv" or something XD 
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Watching...It wonder "What the hell am I watching!?!"
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same thought my first time lol
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I love you for making these!
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:heart: :heart: Thanks! Glad people are enjoying these! 
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Thank you for making this! I love Pt.1 of Me!Me!Me!. The blue-haired girl is my favorite.
May I use this as an avatar?
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You're welcome! 

There might be a file size issue for making it an avatar (some of the other icons have had that problem) so feel free to try. I've been meaning to edit some of them to make them work but haven't had the time and photoshop hasn't been the nicest to me >.< 
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Yeah I tried this one and the other one. Still didn't work T~T
Aw well, thanks anyway! Still a cute gif!
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hopefully i can get photoshop to cooperate and let me fix them T_T 
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she is from Studio Khara's Music Video "Me!Me!Me!" and her character name on the reference sheets says "Meme MassProduction Type A" 

Video and sheets can be found here:
(Warning: video contains nudity and very strong sexual themes) 
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What the hell did I just watch!?... 
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