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Zuko finds Iroh - 2

I feel that in the spirit world, in the instant that Zuko's hand touches Iroh's shoulder, the feeling of familial love overtaking him would bring him back to his time as Iroh's young nephew. Each of us always carries our younger selves inside, searching for connection and closure

Zuko finds Iroh - 1 by TamberElla
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Those colours 😍
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OH NO I thought I was emotional at the FIRST one. Now I'm REALLY emotional lol. Really, really beautiful!

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So- sniff- beautifuuuulllll

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I like this beautiful mood :)

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Excuse me while I go ball my eyes out, this is so pretty!!!
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Oh man, I'm such a sucker for these flowers.... Your flowers are always some of the prettiest I've ever seen!

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What a beautiful piece. The colors, the mood, the love...touching TwT

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Oh my heart... the picture is already so wonderful, and when I read the description, I literally cried. You're right, we always will carry those needs inside us, no matter how old we grow... and that's not a bad thing. That's what people (and characters) like Iroh are for. :heart:

Thank you for making this beautiful series!

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Oh man... I started tearing up when i saw this. One of your best works yet, well done. :)

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really nice job with the colors and all the little flowers

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So beautiful <3

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My pleasure <3

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wow ok my heart!! such a beautiful piece!

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Such a beautiful, touching moment! :) There is actual warmth radiating from this picture, along with peace and as you write - closure. Also, I like the fact that even though you used so many colors here, they create a nice sync.

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