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Zuko finds Iroh - 1

This is for my 200k follower celebration on IG! The winning comment was @alioliart who asked for my interpretation of Zuko visiting Iroh in the spirit world.
Part 2 coming tomorrow!

Zuko's Legacy 1 by TamberElla Iroh + Zuko by TamberElla
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Is it possible to purchase this file? Id love to have this forever

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Whelp now I feel like crying. Truly beautiful work!

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I love the contrast in colors between the two scenes.

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This is so beautiful... the subject matter is so dear (look at Iroh's little smile, oh my goodness!), I almost hate to stop and comment on the less-emotional details instead--but the colors in this are absolutely STUNNING! I love the purple glows, and all the flowers and flying creatures....

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These two pieces are so beautiful!! :love: :heart:

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I love your ATLA works! They are so amazing! The lighting and atmosphere are always on point!!

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Ooo these color choices. The position of the characters looks great, but also seems a little off in the setting.

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Gorgeous work.

Very touching as well.

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brilliantly touching

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Oh Gosh I'm crying! It's very moving.

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This is beautiful in more ways than simply visually.

Nothing less than astounding work you've done here

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my pleasure, it really is a beautiful piece of artwork

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Agh, the reunion scene I always wanted! I love this so much.. and the little smile on Iroh's face, it's perfect. |3

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Iroh failed to find his son when he searched the spirit world. But Zuko managed to find his uncle.

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Your welcome 🙏
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