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Zuko and Katara 2

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WHOAAAAAAAAAAA! I can't put it into words, but this is EPIC!

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He's saving his REAL little sister.

That's how I see them, at least.

I honestly believe that he views the Gaang as his true siblings. Just like Iroh is more of a father to him than Ozai.

He would do this for all of them.

(and of course also for his girlfriend Mai!)

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It looks sooo awesome
Well done🙃
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One of the best defining moments for him. Well done!😌
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Just surfing and looking.

Supergirl Who wants to see her nekkid?
My drawing of Aunt Amaya from the Dragon Prince
#1 Mina from Dracula as a Vampire
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That part was soooooo sad I wanted to cry I love zuko and katara but zulus sister be fake do I dont like her but then zuko got with the back haired chic and I got mad I had to pause the episode and scream into my pillow cause u thought he was always going to be single or be like optimus prime *transformers* where his spark mate aleta aka aerial died and now he's a single pringle and I dont think he's ready to mingle.....srry I just started to rant....
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Definitely one of my favorite moments in ATLA, really shows just how much Zuko changed and improved as a character. Love how well you captured Katara's emotions too.

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omg this scene TwT

I never shiped Zuko and Kata (let kata to ang pls), but this moment is so impactful in zuko's development, and it's, Idk, I find it so cute what he would do for his friends

about the art, I love your color work and texture, it always impresse me SO MUCh I love it, TwT

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Someone pointed out to me that he wasn't grounded as he took that shot. I don't know the significance, but I guess it made it worse since he couldn't discharge some of it through the ground.

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This moment definitely made me fear that one of them would be killed off 😟

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I never shipped these two like so many did/do as they make no sense as a couple, but they would have made great friends.

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The perfect counter piece. That moment always makes my heart drop!

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You NAILED the emotion of the scene and even made it stronger! Bravo! I love all your atla art so much :heart:

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HOW DO YOU GET A GLOW?????? i try so many times but dont know how to do it!

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I remember this TnT good art tho.

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Great work, loving how the lightning resembles crystal shards or shattered glass

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