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Titan Moltres

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I just hear the sound from Pokémon snap when I see this. So beautiful!
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Would it be alright if I used this as a cover to a story?
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Rodan vibes intensify
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Titanus Moltres.
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Is... Is there a place one can purchase your art? Because seriously... I want this on my wall.

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...why am I thinking of fried chicken...must be cos I'm hungry atm Day8 - Drool 
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It's amazing, it's nothing about you, it's just Moltres's design. But seriously, no matter who or how this pokemon is drawn, it always looks like a rubber chicken on fire.
Behold! The God of Fire!
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The fire bird monster from Fantasia 2000
         pokemon gif Moltres 
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This looks so good,,, I love how the fire looks especially, it's almost volcanic Heart Heart Heart 
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Thats amazing!
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This looks awesome.
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this is beautiful!!!
i really love the colours you've used ;3
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Love the power of this!
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this is so cool!

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Reminds me of the phoenix on the new Mulan film.

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Looks like a volcano eruption.
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Goddamn amazing! I love it. :love:
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