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Titan Articuno

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I’ve always thought that the legendary Pokémon needed to be huge. So this is awesome!
Ash: Where gonna need a bigger pokeball
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I always loved imagining Legendaries at ridiculously enormous sizes! A friend linked this on Discord and I just HAD to go digging for the artist so I could say how amazing it is, and that I immediately needed to set it as my phone lock screen.

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А сторм бирд аццординг то ме

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the king of snow montains
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Will you be doing the Galerian forms?
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His wing nearly touches the ground and his other wing scrapes the clouds!

That's a big Articuno.
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You are absolutely killing it with these titan concepts. Love 
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Wow! Just the scale of this creature is both majestic and frightening at the same time.

Well done mate!
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That's beautiful.
         pokemon gif Articuno 
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I love the almost ethereal feel to this. Half real, half mirage of the stars... What a sight.
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Damn...this are breathtaking!
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So beautiful! I love the hazy look of this scene and how the light is peeking through the clouds. The light shining through its feathers is also gorgeous. 
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Going with the new one I see.
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this is the original articuno

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… So I don't see then. :XD:
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hahaha no worries

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Titanus Articuno.
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So graceful! MY FAVORITE BIRD!
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wonderful work :love:
how majestic Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2] 
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