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Tiger Steps

I'm working on a new Loose & Expressive Animal Painting tutorial. :)
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Tigers!! Yaaay!!!!
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tbh i like the 3rd one the best. it looks  more appealing to my eyes  idk
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i think it might be mebut between the bottom 2 pics the tigers bottom jaw looks like it moved 
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ah Yisss a new tutorial by you would be awesome ! they are always of high quality c:
thats nice, to see how these masterpieces come together
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Man I love your art and that you show some of the steps in how you make it 
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Thank you for sharing! I really look forward to your new tutorial! 
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Interesting tone
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oohh thank you so much for sharing the progress, it's always so fun to see these : D I love the sketch stage...!  
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what brush do you use? and program? I really would love to know since I really wanna try realistic drawings. :)
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New tutorial! <3 
Looking forward to it! =D 
I still have past ones to go through too, I just never found the time =P 
I have them saved in a dedicated folder for when inspiration strikes =^_^= 
I've been focusing more on videos lately, trying to make it on YouTube =P
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What kind of brushes do you use for something like this? It looks stunning! 
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oo looks good, I've bought about four of your lessons already, quite helpful c:
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Omg this is great <3 I love his proportions, and the colors <3 
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yessss that'll be awesome <3
I'll totally buy
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