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The Kelp Forest


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As Noah and Isaiah carefully mapped out the house, they realize there was one location in the east wing of they house they never thought to check- the garage! A place they, coincidentally, weren't allowed. They turned around to stare out their hideout window toward the garage and-- there she was! The mermaid! Swimming in the kelp forest between the east and west wings! It was late afternoon now and the sun filtered warm light through the swaying kelp.. She met their gaze then turned and made her way toward the garage once more.
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It's awesome! Really nice warm lighting, which I wouldn't expect underwater

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Wow! It's beautiful ^_^
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Awesome work. How's things going?

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Beautifully atmospheric work 😻

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Really mysterious!

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plot twist- the mermaid was just trying to get to an angle where she could see their drawings

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A Mermaid, like the kind that eats sailors and lures them to their brutal deaths!

Whenever I watch the Little Mermaid I get slightly disappointed they forget to show that part.

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There used to be a gorgeous piece of fanart here showing exactly that with Ariel and Erik, sadly I can't find it anymore. Deleted...?

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...Well I was partly joking about needing to see that in the Little Mermaid, but that does warm my heart a little that some stranger wanted me to have that experience anyway.

The stories that accompany the art just make it better.

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Nice. It surely reminds me of the Mermaids from "Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire".

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