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Starry fox step by step

Sunset Stars by TamberElla Final!
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I love the fiery eye!
Your handling of light and dark is impressive and really makes these pieces unique!

(I enjoy seeing these process posts, as well.)
Insignasus's avatar
I really love how simple and straight forward these step by step pieces are. Makes it easy to wrap your head around the process, which is very inspiring!
Shyvir's avatar
i was so overwhelmed with this piece when i first saw it - the lighting, the fur, the eyes, the expression, the textures. wow, wow, wow!
seeing the process of how it all came together is mystifying! so beautiful 
spacedragon4986's avatar
Thank you for taking the time to share a small part of the process with us. It's always neat to see how you start.
CromBomb's avatar
I was wondering about how you did these! Even with such extreme lighting, you still start with local color. Awesome tip, thank you!
Jhannuzs's avatar
YOUR MAGIC, always is a process Heart 
Saberjam's avatar
Just beautiful x3
StarAmpharos's avatar

A nice and simple tutorial with amazing art. I hope to make paintings like this someday.

MonochromiaFever's avatar
Aa! This is so helpful and amazing!
PkingSora's avatar
Super fun step by step!
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