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Starry Leopard

Some more night sky experimentation!

Today is also the last day of my Cloudy Skies sale! 
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So beautiful!

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I love this piece! I have a print from ECCC!
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Your art is incredible! I love it! Heart 
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So beautiful ❤️
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Soooo beautiful! I love the light!
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Very nice work love all your big cats.
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The colors and light peeking through the fur is beautiful <3
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The blues and purples are smoothly placed here. The leopard's glow adds to its power from the cosmos. Love how the whiskers are made of star streaks and mini stars. Well done~!
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He licks sparkles and poops galaxies. I love it.
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Absolutely stunning!
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whoah! amazziingg!!!!!!!
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OHMYGODNESSS THIS IS SO AMAZING! Amazing!  I'm in love with your art!!!!! Heart 
love this piece, great colour contrasts XDDDDDD
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This looks absolutely astonishing. The anatomy is spot on and the entire leopard is painted in a way that is close to photorealistic for me. I really love the blueish glow on the fur and the tiny stars/sparks on the whiskers and paws.
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these star-themed illustrations are so lovely!!
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wow, this is beautiful!
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Amazing. So realistic
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