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Noah and Isaiah quickly ran to their hideout as soon as they finished breakfast and began plotting extensive maps of the mermaid's path around the house. No matter how they configured it, it seemed that she was leading them toward a dead end. They determined to retrace their steps on high alert, always staying vigilant for clues they may have missed.

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Man, I'm really digging the color palette and the overall layout as it shifts down from the tropical green-blue outside to the darker, cooler foreground, not to mention the the intriguing story it illustrates... I'm definitely going to check out the rest of your art.

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The color 😍
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Beautiful colours
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That looks awesome.

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ohh the mermaid is back (:
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In Ian Fleming's novel Dr. No, James Bond is standing in a large room looking out a massive glass window fronting out into the underwater ocean. Towards the top of the window, he sees the waves of the surface; lower down, the teeming tableau of a coral reef. In his thoughts, Bond is said to wonder what the view from this window would look like during a storm, and to understand at last why someone would want to be a millionaire. He hears a voice from behind him: "Ten million dollars". He turns to see Dr. No standing there, impassive. "I'm sorry?" says Bond. To which Dr. No replies, "You were wondering what it cost".

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So excited to see the return of this series!

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This entire series is just an excuse to draw the house you wish you lived in, isn't it? ;)

Either way, it's a great series, especially the mermaid ones. Thanks for sharing!

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Now that is an awesome secret hideout, supremely jealous. Great work per usual

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