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Mood Studies

By TamberElla
More of the same, but trying to push outside the color and lighting setups I usually rely on. (Except the first one which is obviously Normal TamberEllalol)

Also, check out my Patreon of you're interested. 
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Bottom left makes me think the kid is dreaming and maybe as they realize it the bear is breaking down.

These are all really cool though. It's amazing how much a piece can change depending on the color and light used.

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I see the third one and i'm like, OMG that one is best

then I see the fifth one and i'm like, WTF wut??? I mean, nice colors, but why is the bear a disco ball?????

pokemonmalcolregion's avatar
Hey! It's Bessie from Big Hero 6: The Series!
taylorbeanbetch's avatar
mid right reminds me of the lion king scene where the hyenas are marching
Corah-Sage's avatar
Green Disco Bear made me lawl.
Pearlwing2001's avatar
Me: oh these all look so nice, so realis- *sees the fifth one* OKAY WHAT THE FUCK
AsjJohnson's avatar
The middle two look really cool.
kind'a amazing how many options there are for a picture. I need to remember that.
Corrosive-Colors's avatar
First one: Oh my that kid is next to that bear.. are they just going to stand and stare at one another?
Second one: Oh shiz that kid is screwed, going to fall off the cliff backing up at night from the bear! D:
Third one: The kid is getting visited by some spirit bear, probably for guidance or a lesson..o.o
Fourth one: So cold, miserable, and stuck between a scary bear and a cliff..
Fifth one: Okay wtf?  
Sixth: That bear is going to swipe that kid off the cliff.."
Zelphaba's avatar
fifth one: DISCO!!!
Wolfaal's avatar
Gosh, more like Thripophobia bear... 
Teparda's avatar
haha exactly what i was thinking x"D 
sherryXcherry's avatar
The second last one looks crazy :XD:
My favourite is probably the misty one
GRNTEA's avatar
Wow, after all these years your art never fails to amaze me!! And you're still one of my top favorite artists!
I think your work is so special and so beautiful! It's full of so much life and rich colours.
It's really moves me.

I think when people see your artwork it's hard not to be moved by it, your artwork really is so special!
SkipperNC's avatar
The last one looks like brother bear XD
Lilysplash's avatar
I feel like I can spiritually connect with disco bear.
Nonetheless, amazing work!! This is super inspiring.
VesaiasTheValiant's avatar
Most fascinating! :) (Smile) How the change of colours, tones, light and shadow creates such a different atmosphere... 
If I may describe my feelings about all six versions of a little boy encountering a bear, starting from top left, all the way to the bottom right, here we go... 
1. Peaceful and calm, both the boy and the bear are filled with curiosity. :) (Smile) 
2. Dark, gloomy, perhaps somewhat scary, though the boy doesn't seem to know fear. Greetings 
3. Beautiful and serene, as if the bear was a gentle heavenly being. :D (Big Grin) 
4. Outright creepy, if this sight won't give you goose-bumps and make your stomach rattle, I don't know what will. Fear 
5. Quite otherworldly, I'd say even surreal, the disco bear is something you don't see every day. ;) (Wink) 
6. Oddly peaceful, almost like the first one, though this sight holds suspense as well, leaving you to wonder what will happen next. Greetings 
Overall, splendid work, fellow deviant! Clap 
KoolianaMoon's avatar
Wow... This is beautiful.
Natz20's avatar
This is great. It really shows how much the lighting affects how we feel when we look at an image.
fuzzypaw01's avatar
bottom left = disco bear
sonyaism's avatar
The bottom left one confuses me so much.
Pantaleon02's avatar
bobricknelson's avatar
disco bear
coming through
that bear is you
ooh ooh! ooh ooh!
do you understand my reference if you don't I'm so sorry I'll go away now
Pantaleon02's avatar
I didn't understand the reference but it was funny :)
where is that reference from? :)
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