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Loose Animal Portraits - Gumroad Tutorial


Check it out here!

Please let me know if you have any questions! These are all past and current Patreon material, if any processed Patrons are interested in completing their collection (if they have part but not all of this pack) send me a message or email and I'll help you get the rest of it at an appropriately discounted rate!

Within this tutorial you'll find:

-One (1) 90 minute video lecture. Watch the process in 1080p beginning with warmup studies, through gesture and lay-in, and all the way to a painterly finish. Includes six (6) voiceover demos, each with a distinct focus. (DOWNLOAD the video to view in HD. Streaming is only 480p.)

-Two (2) written tutorials that supplement the video lecture. One focuses on taking you through the entire process of a new portrait, the other focuses on compositional tips and tricks. It has an emphasis on framing and focal areas.

-Two (2) brush packs. 17 brushes total. Watch me use them in the video lecture and then use the brushes in your own work, royalty free.

-Three (3) psd files to pick apart and learn from. 

***Brushes compatible with CC, likely also compatible with everyone's CS6, will not be compatible with CS5 and below***
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can these work in cspro?

Ashstar22Nightwing's avatar

I'm still pretty young and by parents say I can't get it TwT

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I bought this but could not find the brushes?
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I used this tutorial:
Manic by SekiiRei

thank you so much for making this, you've helped me tremendously and I will definitely order more!! They are so worth it.
Featherflamestar's avatar
I'll think about it. You got a YT channel?
PrincessHMDP's avatar
I'm going to get this once I have money I am a dummy! 
SaberDrift's avatar
This is the next one on my list, so excited
thesongofrevolution's avatar
Does this tutorial cover much on fur painting techniques? :0
TamberElla's avatar
Yes it does go into fur painting techniques. My animal textures tutorial in my gumroad store is probably the most indepth tutorial about painting fur.
thesongofrevolution's avatar
Thank you! I'll be sure to check it out! :)
CutiesCatto's avatar
I can but I don't have time! My step-father always punish me if looking me touching gadgets! I just doing this when he go out Sweating a little... Waaaah! Waaaah! Tiny Pixel Rose Bullet 2 - Pink 
Rahuto's avatar
I would like to get it but i don't have paypal :'D

btw your art is amazing, i wish i could ever draw like this but i don't think so :/ i mean yust look at my cringe ;D
Faolannn's avatar
I got this tutorial!<3 only made it to the warmup part so far  but it looks very helpful!!
TamberElla's avatar
Im happy to hear you are liking it so far :D
hildemar's avatar
Is it possible to get the same effects out of SAI, without the brush pack? I desperately want to purchase, but I'm not sure if you're videos show only techniques compatible with CC (which I did have a copy of that came with my tablet (thanks to the best buy kid who shelved my model under the sticker worth $200 less!) but since I was so intimidated by it, I went right back to Sai, and now it's trapped on my desktop with no working USB ports ;.; ) Or if I'll be able to gain a decent amount of theory regardless of what program I use. 
TamberElla's avatar
The theory here should apply to any medium, including traditional art or any computer program!
InsertCoolNameHere5's avatar
I was wondering, are the brushes compatible with Paint Tool SAI?
TamberElla's avatar
They aren't, I'm sorry!
Konarika's avatar
(I doubt it, SAI brushes work with blotmap.)
Yamuku's avatar
Ah, so glad I can finally use this since I just got CC. Thank you for making it (and for so cheap)!<3
TamberElla's avatar
I hope you enjoy it!
Song-Wolf-Farm's avatar
*pets all the critters* Too bad I can't afford this. Will just have to figure it out :p
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does the video show how to get a cat's anatomy/gesture right, or is a cat just used as a quick example?
i'm mostly interested in understanding cats' anatomy, and it would be great if you have something to share about that x )
TamberElla's avatar
There's a fair amount of time spent talking about breaking down the facial and body structure :) Maybe about 20% of the tutorial? There's a segment in the beginning and then I demonstrate the process each time I demo.
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