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Korra and Asami

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Great warm colors and serene atmosphere!

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Wow! I really like this picture, it makes people feel very warm. If possible, I seem to use this picture as a screensaver for my iPhone xs.

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I LOVE IT! It's so... warm, is the word that comes to mind. The colors are so soft yet vibrant. It has a very soothing, romantic kind of feel to it.


I didn’t even realize this was fan art when I clicked on it. This is one of those rare situations in where fan art transcends the genre to become great art. :D

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I personally love scenes like this.

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I miss them ;A; One of my fav lesbian couple

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*Queer couple I think, both Korra and Asami are bisexual aren't they?

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I'm not sure, I've seen the show ages ago! If that's the case then they're my fav bisexual couple

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Great work! Love the colors and feel of it.

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Omg the colors and lighting are gorgeous!!

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So pretty! I love how calm it looks
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So soothing and peaceful. Looks like they're enjoying their vacation in the spirit world :)

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Very beautiful, so tranquil and serene

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Unreal colors. Breathtaking

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I'm glad they wound up together in the end 😊

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