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Iroh + Lu Ten

By TamberElla
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Starts crying. So BEAUTIFUL.

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Luke-BloughHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm not crying, you're crying ;_;

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Beautiful work

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SpyderZTHobbyist Writer

Saw the second one, smiled. Clicked to see this one. Tears now. Thanks. ;P

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JZLoboHobbyist Writer

I'm loving these time skip paintings you're doing.

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Can we just freeze time... and leave Iroh in this magical moment of nostalgia?

:please: revamped

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MaskOfLightHobbyist General Artist


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ChocoSunflowerDreamHobbyist Writer

The light you have created in this is AMAZING!! 🤩

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Kitten84Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I see where this is going and my heart isn't ready after all the other part 1 part 2 images :'(

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KirasDarkLightProfessional Digital Artist

Lu Ten, one of the best dead characters in any series ever.

Such a wonderful piece. <3

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Awesome artwork.

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IrenniaHobbyist General Artist

I'm rewatching the series rn and this just gutted me :cries:

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Amazing work.

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CaribbeanRose9Hobbyist Writer

.......I'm sorry, I don't get it.

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It's iron his son is lu ten.
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CaribbeanRose9Hobbyist Writer

Thank you, I wasn't sure because there wasn't a description to explain. Much appreciated.

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On no I know what’s coming.

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Never enough Iroh fanart

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GarrodWindfangHobbyist Artist

Nuuuu... I see where you're going with this series, stop breaking my heart with beautiful melancholy!! T-T

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LolaTheKittyHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh lord I didn't think about this till you mentioned it, getting my tissue box-

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TamberEllaProfessional Digital Artist

:') <3

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