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The assembly of a grass creature is far slower and more methodical than one might guess.
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that one playing with the candle is about to burn the world down
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I see a Hayao Miyazaki production in your future
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Sick! I love it!
KhaleesiHarjo's avatar
The one on the stairs about to push the candle is pure cat. 
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I think I figured out what I want to do for a career now. :I
perplexingPariah's avatar
Oh dear there seems to be one critter about to push a candle off the stairs... FIRE HAZARD.

Great work.... so beautiful! 
Alfazil's avatar
This looks amazing.
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Literally me every time I sort a skeleton for articulation
all-broken-dreams's avatar
This is stunning, and has such a beautiful feeling of story behind it :)
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EGAD this is so pretty
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just wondering, your do you create that outline effect (Like around the leaves?) or is it just lineart?
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LOVE the attention to detail! Your work is so inspiring! The colors and lighting is magical! Love it!
KindergartenTeacher's avatar
Oh my God the light and details!!! :faint:
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The detail in this is incredible!!
Lalailoken's avatar
Wondefully enchantenting!
KanaGo's avatar
Fantastic! So many details!
meluvbinary's avatar
Wow. i love everything about this; the character, the attention to detail, and the lighting. everything! it's a wonderful piece
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This is nicely made
Axic0n's avatar
I like these colours and composition!!!
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