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just the pet ive always wanted-part owl, part cat! (only half kidding)
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Attractive by its unordinarity.
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I swear, these look like they're from a well done CGI movie. They just look so 3D!
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Just watched a documentary on owls today, so it's very neat to see a barn owl/feline hybrid.

What a majestic creature. And wonderful color choices!
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looks like a harpy :)
Rosier-Sama's avatar
Very beautiful art^^
MyrielLachance's avatar
Two of my most favorite animals together in one :D
I'm taking it together with a litter box and some mice, thank you ^^ ... oh, and a pretty purple bow around his neck
BiisuMonster's avatar
I wish these kind of animals were real... its like an owlcat or something~ so cute~
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This concept is so amazing. 
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It's so realistic that's amazing!
Eledhwen-Arts's avatar
Oh my ... This is soooo cute ! :iconpinkballoonplz:
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Hey I don't no if a bother you but I wanna no if I can pass a special commission ( A blend because your blend are really stunning). I really don't no if I can do that like that if yes it is free? Tell me if it ok and sorry if I disturb you. Thank you and you do a great job your drawing are amazing!!!
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That's an amazing blend between fur and feather. :D
(Owl eyes are so sad! Really Sad 
Xevart's avatar
So gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!
lloyd190's avatar
Makes me think of the library in avatar the last airbender
AkaToraHageshichi's avatar
It's OWLCAT!! I LOVE owlcats it is beautiful!!
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Look at this adorable owlcat.

Look at it and see its adorableness. ^^

Love the lighting and eyes.
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Very beautiful!
lunarcat3013's avatar
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aww this is so beautiful!
Its amazing,and so realistic!I dont know how you do it!
IsThisNotAName's avatar
When I was looking at images on griffins I found a sketh of Faix featuring the name Owlity - I knew I saw something like this before. So very well drawn this one <3
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So touching...
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