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When you come back pls. submit this wonderful bird of prey art into our group gallery at along with

the deviations below since we would like to feature it. If you have others on the same quality pls submit them too! You can definitely join

us as well!

Tiny Stars
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Magnifique ! ♥ ♥ ♥
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Gorgeous!! Reminds me a tiny bit of the turkey vultures we have around my area, but white. (Turkey vultures are black.)
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Your art is so powerful..
Cyansky95's avatar
Stunning, love those bits of purple
Is this a secretary bird? The texture is amazing<3
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I love all these water drops. They are so pretty!
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I like this bird <3
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Looks awesome!
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I'm probably echoing hundreds of other people, but your brushwork is amazing.
geromealburo's avatar
gosh, love the brush work
Desolv's avatar
Omg it's so sparkly and beautiful
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*0* keep it up you are one of the best and most of all stay awesome like always
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Love seeing your birds :heart: Really enjoyed your harpy eagle too. There's something about the shimmery/star-like quality to your recent works that lends itself so well to bird portraits too. Love the roughness as usual :) Keep up the stellar work!
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I am 110% freaking besotted with the sheer impact that all your stuff has
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