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October 13, 2020
Diamond + Pearl Release Party by TamberElla
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Diamond + Pearl Release Party

My ode to the weird and wonderful colors & aesthetic, bead-animals & silly bandz & Shojo-Beat Manga of the mid-late 2000s :') I spent 300 hours on Pokémon Pearl with my friends & soccer teammates mining ore and trying to fill up the Pokedex.

Thank you so much for the DD!!!
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Enamul1425's avatar

Man these girls would probably wouldn't mind being in the actual pokemon world with all the pokemon merchandise in the room. The designs of the girls and the room itself look great, especially with this colorful art style.

FloridanPhotographer's avatar

Oh wow, that's gorgeous.

Lycan-metal's avatar
So me but without the friends sadly T^T I still have pearl version today


still Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

snowcloud8's avatar

That sounds like so much fun. I remember beating the game the weekend it came out (I stayed up late most nights)

AbsborTheCat's avatar

Amazing artwork and congratz to the DD!

Bruh Pokemon Pearl was so good tho

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Glad your friends shared this interest with you :D

Randomboxjoe's avatar
Whoaaaa! The colours are amazing 😨💞👌👏
NaokoElric2250's avatar

I got DP&P all at the same time (played "Platinum", as it made sense). Man, I sank so many hours into the pageants, contests and my crowning achievement - my Eeveelution family.

I love the colouring in this, so joyful yet somewhat soft. and the liveliness of the plushies.

SHADOWoftheSPARTAN's avatar

Good memories. Got a DS and Pearl for one of my birthdays in Highschool. Enjoyed gen 4.

KateBC20's avatar

Brings back childhood memories :-)

Ozzymodan's avatar

This is so good! It reminds me of childhood c:

kyanpepper965's avatar

This is absolutely amazing! Pokemon gen IV was the jam back in the day!

LindArtz's avatar

Beautifully done! :clap: !!!

FoolishPhantom's avatar

Love seeing Burmy get some love.

aceAlari's avatar

i love the details! :D

PaintForLicking's avatar
The more I look at it the more pokemon I see 😂
viajeraguzman's avatar
its the most beautiful thing ive seen today omg
Taeryne's avatar

OMG yes mining ore with friends...

phenaroo's avatar

I spy that shiny

Gen 4 was a blast and I do miss getting to play it with all my friends <3

magically beautiful

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