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Color Practice

I spent about 30 minutes on each of these color practices, seeing how many ways I could paint the same sketch
This is an amazing exercise for developing a color sense and generating ideas quickly! 
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I like the middle bottom one best because it's pretty.
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Will definitely be giving this a shot. Really want to improve my colour theory. :>
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30 Minutes,

Gibe da magik, b0ss.
lurking-seadweller's avatar
b0ss... b0ss plz, I habe a ms paint, b0ss
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These are amazing! These are the kinds of pictures i came to see when i joined DA
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Two words: MIND BLOWN.
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30 minutes. I could spend weeks on something like this and it would'nt even be *close* to what you did there. You would'nt mind giving me some of that magic of yours, right? Blush 
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30 MINUTES??? how do u even.. how even.. how? what kind of magic is this?
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30 minutes!

Seriously, they look practically finished to me. Upper right one especially, that could be a book cover if you ask me. Lower right one too, probably.
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Good exersise! 
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my husband came up with some stories so I'm going to share. The top right on this one is an abandoned dog who's frozen to the bone and won't give up. Just beyond the next trees is a cabin with a lonely old lady who will adopt him.
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I love seeing these studies. It is so interesting how in the green one the forest look more dense and lush just because of the dark shadows and green light everywhere. All of the others look different, more spacious environments to me even though they're the same, just different colours. xD
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1 2 3
4 5 6

1. lost and cold, just want to be dry... 
2. a quiet scroll (walk) though the forest 
3. either trying to find someone that is lost or just having fun in snow
4. something magical is about to happen
5. about to walk into a spooky unknown mystery
6. either sad as the forest burns or about to set down for the night, but wants to watch sunset

I love your art, it's really lovely!
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It looks awesome! The last one is my favourite!
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These are all so beautiful! Really inspiring *U*
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Q_Q you are a huge inspiration, thank you for sharing your art with us :heart:
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rays! asghdfahsgdfhas ._. , I don't know nothing about color :'c but i think that i can learn from this :v
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Doggie visiting his favourite tree all through the year. :flowerpot: :)
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These look so cool, I think my favorite is the bottom left one.
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What an interesting exercise
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what i like about this is that you can tell which ones you really liked while working on it. looks great.
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oh damn this is a really smart way of learning actually :00
i really love how each scene look so different from each other, it looks really dynamic ^^
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