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Challenging Moltres

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great job, yeah great job

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Charizard ❤❤❤❤

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How do you do these? They are amazing! :o

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Bring the fire!

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Rodan, is that you?
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The original legendaries really were legendary 😊

icyzappy's avatar

Wow! I love the stylized lighting and brushwork!

Alfazil's avatar

Amazing work! I love this take on the "legendary" pokemon. I think it was downplayed in the movies.

PrimalJayquayDA's avatar
Astounding! Really enjoying these works :D
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I love that scale! In Pokémon Let’s Go, I think they could only make the three birds so big. But they’re supposed to be huge. Love the sense of grandeur this gives.

Awesomely Magnificent

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My not-so-inner nitpicker and worldbuilder is just screaming to design a dragon-riding harness for this; the howls of "WHERE ARE YOUR SAFETY STRAPS?!?!" are deafening. I realize that is not the point here. Someone stop me. XD

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-hands over some gummy bears to soothe- I'm sure Charizard is all the safety strap he'd need- highly doubt he'd let Ash fall. ;)

le-letha's avatar

Yum! And I sure hope so, although from my vague recollections of Pokémon, Ash does not have the best track record for "not doing probably lethal things". ;)

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amazing, i love the sense of heat given off from moltres :la:

seeing that you have done all 3 Kanto birds, do you plan on doing the Galar birds too?

TamberElla's avatar

im not sure! galarian zapdos would be hard for me to make into a kaiju haha!

TerusTheBird's avatar

Actually nevermind 100ft is way too small for what you do!

How about something like, A trainer with their pokemon on top of a skyscraper, and G-Zapdos is looking down at them? Could have smaller buildings inbetween them that they dwarf maybe.

TerusTheBird's avatar
Evodolka's avatar

i see the issue, although maybe it could be a smaller one?

like still huge, like a Brototheirum levels of height, but not a skyscraper with wings like these ones?

not sure, just trying to make sense of how you could show the Gallarian ones

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