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Catamancer Sabertooth

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Nice sabertooth! 
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with this I created  Confusion's Ages by vi-bella  
if I win I divide the winnings because it is also thanks to you that I won
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uhhh... did you use their art without their permission???

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That work no longer exists, it was the first photomontage I did and I didn't know the rules well, after knowing which images to use to create photomontages, I was attentive to the images I use

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Amazing Render, Very Powerful Image!
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absolutely wonderful!
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Your art truly is beyond amazing!

You are really talented. Keep up the good workteh luff iz in teh air :love:  
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Woah ! I hope I can make such a dynamic drawing one day.
Too amazing. La la la la 
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Your aninmal work are so fantastic! It is made with photoshop? Do you have any tutorials on it? :D
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I have a Youtube channel recently launched:…

and a full length tutorial store:
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THIS IS AMAZING. Wow, really chilling. 
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That's goddamn gorgeous.
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Wow ❤️❤️❤️
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Heya! Man your art's incredible! I came here from the Agents of Mayhem series and you blow my expectations to the moon, so fantastic job!
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Dangerous and beautiful. I love the perspective and the way you painted the fur.
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Great Art Tamber! Love the lightning 
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I love this, I like how you captured the sabertooth's bulky neck, some people forget they had a lot of neck muscle (and probably had some extra fur there if they're kinda like lions)
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I would not like to be on the wrong end of those teeth!
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