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Big Cat Paw Tutorial 2

By TamberElla
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Here's another, since you seemed to like the last one!

Again, this is based on lions but could easily be applied to other big cats with minor adjustments.

*Remember, cheetahs always have their claws out, like dogs!

Part 1:
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Thank you so much! This helped me a lot since i have a lot of trouble when it comes to paws. And could you make a tutorial of a jumping big cat because its really difficult to draw and its one of my favorite poses for the big cats.

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SilviaTheCaralionessHobbyist General Artist
This is really helpful. Is there any way you could consider doing a separate one for cheetahs because they have more dog-like paws than other felines. A tutorial on unsheathed claws would be helpful as well.
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SpiritWhispersHobbyist Digital Artist
could you do a tutorial on claws unsheathed? because i find that really difficult with the positioning, and i look for references and it just make it's more confusing DX
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EvianReiHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for this! Very helpful!
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Another basic view of cat paws that I appreciate.
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StraypawsHobbyist General Artist
for the red claws unsheathed would that be okay a front view leap like a push off
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Don't suppose you have something like this, based on snow leopards?  I'm having an incredibly difficult time finding reference for the skeletal structure around the paws, and it's difficult to make them look right by just sizing up the paws here.  They're so much bigger, and seem to be slightly differently shaped, too.  

Found plenty of reference for the skull and the rest of the skeletal system, but I really need that detail around the paws. :(
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Snow-AngeIHobbyist General Artist
i suggest looking up pictures of a snow leopard's paw skeleton, or trying to draw it yourself. people's anatomy's are pretty good when they draw the skeleton of the animal c: i hope this helped!

especially considering i draw cartoony anthro cats all the time 
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Thanks.  I've been working on it, and the bones themselves are easy enough to draw.  It's the proportions that are getting a bit tricky. :/
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FyrrellHobbyist General Artist
I usually find it very difficult to draw paws and this has helped a lot! Even when I did draw paws they were mostly like the ones on the left side but now I understand structure more and I've realized that by making the slightest thing more realistic made a huge difference.
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ArisssssssHobbyist Digital Artist
Thaaaanks! I love these tutorials :D
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CorybanticBeastHobbyist General Artist
I really like these tutorials!
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Ah yes!! this is exactly what i need, i dont draw the paws like this at all but i should, thank you!
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They look very similar to cat paws
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jynxdude0614Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well considering they are cat paws.. Yes.
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Chiba-StarlightHobbyist Digital Artist
This is super helpful! I hav the most trouble with paws and legs but this is so helpful! Thank you Meow :3  
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My-KismetStudent General Artist
Super helpful!! Could you do these for other kinds of animals too (as I have the most trouble with paws and legs and this is soooo helpful thank you)
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lew-leon-1Hobbyist Writer
Thanks a lot for your tutorial, I always have some problems with paws :/ As you've said : 'Practise' :XD:
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mcfluffypantsHobbyist Artist
your tutorials are reaaaly helpful ^^
 could you do a tutorial on pencil coloring? i could really use some lessons :3
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ADU101Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks a lot! I am working on an animation and I used this to help with unsheathing claws. I'll link the video when I am done!
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yours tutorial are amazing, I give you :+fav: and watch!
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wow i always have problems with paws... but not any more! this is very helpfull :D
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