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Ash Finds Lugia

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Unappreciated comment for the 12 someodd winguls in the background.

Man... Just imagine seeing that. Breathtaking.
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One of my favorite pokemon, Lugia!

This is a majestic picture indeed.
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Awesome as always. Your gallery has always been among my top 5 since discovering it.

This was a good time to be a fan of the franchise with only 251 Pokémon to memorize.

I'll add this to the save pile and... try to find a spot for my 2nd gen poster which came with my copy of Silver... for Gameboy Color. I am old.

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"lugia" makes me think of "loogie" and that will never not be the case, even when I'm a dementia addled old grandma
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Your art work is just 🤌. Can you do a tutorial or a process on how you did this? I want to find my style in doing these kind of things. Keep drawing & stay safe!

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Lugia has long been one of my favorites, and you always make it look amazing. The sense of scale here is really nice.

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As always, stunning work Tamber.

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Simply beautiful 😊

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I love the way the water looks. This whole image just gives me a sense of nostalgia for the 2nd movie...

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thank you!! <3

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This is amazing

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Looks more like Lugia found Ash

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*insert Lugia's cry from The Power of One*

Mystically Beautiful

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looks absolutely STUNNING :la:

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Beautiful work.

Thumbs Up SPN

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