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Aang's Great Loss

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Omg i love your art! just having the same place but compleatly different with these artworks is genial!

Katara: Can you imagine how much pain Aang felt when he learned that his entire culture was taken from him?


(At the Southern Air Temple, There Aang discover pile of Fire Nation Soldiers in the ground.)

Aang: FireBenders? They were here?

(He look up and sees that they're all leading to Skeleton which has Air Nomads clothes and has a necklaces, he recognizes it.)

Aang: Gyatso......

(Scene changes into Aang hugging Katara in comfort after calming down)

Aang: If the Fire Nation found this temple, that means they must've found the other ones...........I'm really AM the Last Airbender.........

(Scene changes into a different places where Aang is capture by Admiral Zhao)

Admiral Zhao: Tell me, how does it feel to be the only Airbender left? Do you miss your people.

Aang anger turns into shame as he remember running away.

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Damn im sad now

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I used to rule the world—

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but in all honestly, I love this little series you've been doing. You have a great talent for capturing emotion in your work. This one hit pretty hard. Good work!

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sons crying now thanks

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So beautiful!!
I love Avatar the last Airbender! :O :D
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This image pair. Avatar is incredibly dark, when you think about it.:(

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You have captured the emotions here so well... everything that's gone...

And the colour change fits so well, too...

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Omg😭😭...... nice work!
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Man, these two pieces paired up really get you in the feelings.

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Omg I remember this, it's so saddd!! 😭
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wow this is just beautiful and amazing really nice work

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whyyyyyyyyyyy??? T-T

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That is gorgeous.

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You have captured the sadness and emotion of aang's loss so perfectly here <3

mystically stunning

Frick, I remember that episode. Aang was so excited and SO hopeful. It made those empty cold halls that much more tragic. Great job on capturing that feeling.

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