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Aang + Appa 2


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One Thing That Appa And Iroh Have In Common Is This.

LOVED BY ALL, HATED BY NO ONE! Well Except Maybe Azula.

Appa! So cute!!!

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Wonderful! I love it!

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Avatar the last airbender is my favourite animated series. In this one picture you managed to get so much beauty of the series. In other words, your artwork on Avatar is very beautiful.

aunjuli's avatar

Ah <3 This gives me so many feels. I love the lighting, it's so nostalgic! You did an amazing job!

Black-Wren's avatar

These type of pictures showing then and now (so to speak) is so sweet.

peaachi's avatar

Katara is pregnant with Tenzin in this! I love all the little details you add

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Beautiful work

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A friendship that lasts a lifetime.

You mean a friendship that last multiple lifetimes

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Amazing fur and light!

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This is so good, I really like it

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After all the kids were born!

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According to the show appa died when aang died so they will always be together

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Wonder where the big guy is by Korra's time. He might have died, but i think he left when Aang passed away. Maybe returned to the mountains he knew as a foal

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I love how you went with lightning. On previous one you can see sunrise light, and here sunset one, like the whole story from start to finish

Great work! :D

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Pretty sure be more
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I just love how the lighting creates such emotion for the scene. It's beautiful!

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This is amazing! Your lighting and shadowing techniques are very beautiful!

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Did Appa live to see Aang's kids? I wonder

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