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-Using my art for personal icons, banners, avatars, etc- all fine. You don't need to ask. Give credit somewhere if possible.

-Using my art for DND campaigns- fine.

-Using my art for personal lockscreens/wallpapers- fine.

-Using my art as reference, inspiration, even for credited direct copies; all fine.

-Credited reposts off-site; fine.

I do not answer emails or notes asking if my art can be used for these purposes. I get too many. Please just go ahead without asking.

Now for the NOs:

-Do NOT sell my art.

-Do NOT use my art for commercial gains without a license.

-Do NOT use my art for commercial advertising without a license.

-Do NOT repost my work without credit.

TL;DR: Just don't be rude. I'm really very lax about my art being used for personal things, that doesn't bother me. Just don't try to profit off of it or share it without my name attached; that's really it.

Bead Animals

1 min read
Did anyone else make these guys as a kid? I was seriously obsessed with them, I feel like I had at least 20. Where did I get the materials?? The patterns? I have zero recollection....
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I followed the hair tutorial by @TamarinFrog :D
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Ahh, those were the knights...
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After being a member of DeviantArt for 8 years, TamberElla has made a huge impact on both the traditional and digital art communities on DeviantArt. Looking at her 750+ deviations, it’s clear that both her style and skills evolved during her time on DeviantArt. While TamberElla has grown as an artist, she has alway striven to share her success—creating helpful tutorials and resources for those interested in creating animal-themed artwork. In addition, her comic Ink was a source of entertainment and interest for hundred of deviants, inspiring its own sub-community built around the story. TamberElla has been a helpful and kindred member of the community for years, and we are proud to thank her for her work by presenting her with the Deviousness Award for May 2017!
Awarded May 2017

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If there is anyway todescribe your gallery, it's luminous and magical... And I know it's only a few worlds to describe it. 😊💖

You are awesome.

Does anyone know if she ever continued her comic, 'Ink'? Like, on any other platform than DA? I'd really love to see how the story continues and ends ;_;


This stuff is so detailed and gorgeous and aaaaa

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If you like TLK art, I have a piece you might want to see. deviantart.com/kwhsexu/art/Mufasa-lion-fanart-913548211

You have a wild imagination !! And your artwork is very exquisite , as well !! Keep up the awesome work .

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