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Published: September 13, 2012
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Two version of an ad illustration for AXE via Egger Grey [link].
Which one do you prefer...?
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the second is funnier LOL
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I think so... ;)
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Jinxxed0Student General Artist
The scooter so that there's a chance the bunnies will survive, lol
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AmenaraeHobbyist General Artist
I like the second better~ The guy with the scooter just feels more likely to do that. And I think it's just funnier~
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J-VICTORStudent General Artist
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the second is funnier which is more appropriate with an absurd concept like this. We can't see how fit the guy with the jacket is... no reason to believe she'd go for him.
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OktoberKazeStudent General Artist
Guy with beard. black jacket makes him stand out
TamasGaspar's avatar
Thanks Jaxon - I agree... ;)
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OktoberKazeStudent General Artist
Not sure if creepy ...:iconnotsureifplz:
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witismydogStudent General Artist
I like the top one. My eyes flows better in it then the bottom.
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Me too... ;)
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The first. For sure!
TamasGaspar's avatar
Obrigado Sérgio! :)
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tanlammyProfessional Digital Artist
First one. IMHO, the guy in the black leather jacket + his unique silhouette pops out more and his gesture leads me to look at the girl (eye flow), whereas in the 2nd one, both the lady and the scooter guy kinda blended into the background (due to same colour tone --- and to be honest, scooter guy didn't look as special as the biker guy :)).
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blAAAzzeUPp504Hobbyist Digital Artist
Scooter fo show
joltinjohnnylucas's avatar
The scooter is funnier.
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SpectralShimmerHobbyist General Artist
I like both of these. The layout is nice and I love the color schemes but I would have to lean toward the bottom piece more. The top doesn't feel right for a few reasons.
1. The black jacket and bike together are a large negative space that steals your attention away from the scene as a whole and throws of the balance. They are just too heavy.
2. I agree with lonevulture that the biker does look rather stiff. He looks like he's raising a leg as a motorcycle passes by. The bottom piece LOOKs like the guy just jumped off of the scooter.
3. The contrast in outfits and the colors of the outfits also play a big part here. The bottom piece leaves you with a warmer feeling of the romantic, young, soon-to-be couple. They aren't from two worlds as far apart as she and the biker might be. Also, the goofy nerd on the scooter seems more comical than the biker adding to the overall light hearted feel.

Both pieces are very nice. Like I said I love the colors, but you may want a little more contrast between background and foreground as the two seem to blend together a little too much for an advertisement that is meant to catch the eye. I especially love the stylized look. Great work.
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The bottom. The black of the jacket in the top attracts attention, but the bottom is more harmonious. The line from the leather jacket to his left leg makes the biker's stance appear too stiff and awkward.

The bottom pic also feels like a stronger concept; it feels like the nerdier guy really might do something like that at the site of a beautiful woman. It plays on the fact that most guys have felt that way about one girl at some point; it's easier to relate to that I believe would be more appealing to a potential buyer. The biker version feels like it's saying that you're less in control, you're less the wild character that could handle a situation.

My two cents. Spend 'em however you like.
lonevulture's avatar
*sight of a beautiful woman.

*it's easier to relate to; that, I believe, would be more appealing. . .

I have a brain, it's just in OFF mode.
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For me, it works best as the two of them together. Sort of shows that AXE works in any case. :)
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SasaBralicProfessional General Artist
I like the bottom one a bit better :)
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I'd suggest using the guy on the bottom because I don't like the goatee. We're allowed to have insignificant opinions.
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Well, on one hand your opinions are significant for me, but on the other hand the client's word counts only indeed. ;)
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