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March 15, 2011
Ponyo by ~Tamasaburo89 The suggester said "The artist really captured the free-spirited fun of Ponyo in this piece. The line art is amazingly clean and the hues blend perfectly. This is an excellent use of watercolor, given the theme."
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Suggested by Emerald-Depths
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Hey there!

As you can see I made my first Ponyo Fanart.

Good god, I love that movie! I was adicted to it after the first 30 seconds!

And I know that the image format is pretty unlogical.
Like why are Ponyos sister swimming around her and Sosuke while they are appearently running atop a wave.
And why doesn't Fujimoto got a breathing bubble around his head, cause it seems that he is supposed to be underwater.

So, you can see this pic as a collage.
A rather illogical collage.

But hey! I had fun making this piece.
Though I really fucked up Gran Manmare!
I think she is the most beautiful woman Hayao Miyazaki ever put on film and I just wasn't able to catch her beauty with my weak abilities.

And special thanks to :icondecybel: for helping me with the image :)

Movie: Ponyo by Studio Ghibli
Characters: Ponyo, (some of) her sisters, Sosuke, Fujimoto, Gran Mamare
Tools: Water color
Size: A3

Image details
Image size
1000x1410px 1.52 MB
© 2010 - 2021 Tamasaburo09
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Fidoriko-Katsuki's avatar
Awww, it’s really cute
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
The whole film's full of cute! :D
Chara04RBLX's avatar
Ponyo was one of my childhood movies.
FlapperFoxy's avatar
Lovely work!Love Love 
rawrdoodles's avatar
This is so beautiful!
I love the placement you used, and I don't think it looks unlogical. If you're looking at it as a scene then it might be, but as a collage or poster like this it looks perfectly fine. 
You did a great job with the characters, and I think Gran Manmare turned out really well, too. She looks like she'd be a hard character to portray.
My favorite thing from this piece is probably the colors. They're so beautiful and blend well. I really like how you did the blue throughout the picture.
It's a nice touch but not overpowering, as blue easily can be.
You did a fantastic job on this!  :D
LAdolphingirl's avatar
Ponyo. One freaking amazing movie. And this is one amazing picture, too! Good work!
BouleDeFeuBleuTreize's avatar
Screams this is amazing ♥♥♥
BouleDeFeuBleuTreize's avatar
Damnit I meant to put three heart things.. I'm on my phone woops
Nedahert's avatar
I loved that movie when I was younger. u3u
TheSnowe's avatar
Ponyo and Sosuke are so cute :) AND THE SISTERS! :D
Adorable, amazing work
jurggonnaloveit's avatar
Beautiful! I love this so much, wonderful painting skill!!
Ichi-Sushi's avatar
one of my favorite movie <3
Daevayu's avatar
Hi, i just saw the movie..and! Animation GIF : Heart Rainbow(?) XD Love Bounce 
BlauMondKeeper's avatar
I saw this movie recently and I really love it! *o* <3
FireFlower56's avatar
ajmonkeygirl99's avatar
Syrinq's avatar
So adorable! I just watched the movie again, and it was so adorable ;v;
RyanValentineComics's avatar
Absolutely breathtaking.
pokemaster362's avatar
I think you made ponyos mom look beautiful :) omg this is my favorite movie right after castle in the sky (all of his miyizakis films are great) and ponyo and sauske are adorable XD
DrawtoonzStudio's avatar
This is great! Great enough to ignore the unlogical aspects! :)
Moon-Flower4022's avatar
This is really amazing artwork. It's very beautiful. <3
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