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Jox and Snufkin sketches

By Tamasaburo09
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Hey there.

Just some Joxter and little Snufkin sketches.
It's probably a little ooc and I don't know if the Joxter would've acted that daddy-like when he spent more time with his son or not.
I started with a few scribbles and just couldn't stop.
This is some sort of an excuse to draw some cute sh-... stuff! ;)

Series: Tanioshii Moomin Ikka
Characters: Snufkin, Joxter (duh)
Material: Pencil (and some computer coloration)

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© 2012 - 2021 Tamasaburo09
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all of these are so??!!! CUTE!!!!! gonna tableflip this shit goddamn it's cute
EdwennLaPikachuNoire's avatar
AAAAAH I just- i just can't- too... lovable... my two favorite characters.... beautiful art... simple yet sweet and full of love... blblblblblbl<3
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Good dad!Joxter makes my heart soar

these are all so unbelievably cute my gosh

Especially the one with baby Snuf and his dad's shoe like ow my heart
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Too bad Joxter left him later. (´;ω;`)
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I remember that you did amazing snufking comics one with groke and one where he meets his father again, could you tell why they are not here anymore? it was amazing <:)
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All of these are just super darn cute! I love how expressive you've made Joxter, yet how you're still referencing his anime style. While I love all of these, I just keep going back to the one where he's trying to get Snufkin to eat from the spoon. THESE EXPRESSIONS ARE JUST SO LOVELY UGH!!
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Oh my god this makes me so happy I have to keep coming back to look at it! Thank you so much for drawing all these! They will serve as my happy place, and I'll come back top it for cheering up! :heart:
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, it looks so sweet! <3
Chiro-Fukana's avatar
Oh my gosh! This is utter adoable!! Snufkin as a really little one....
Avril-Circus's avatar
Oh god I enjoy all the lines, I love the style ,this is wonderful! *.*
LeafyTheRainyScot19's avatar
Adorable ^^ Nice touch with the broken sign. 
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I hereby dub this "cutest thing ever"
LittleNekoNeri's avatar
Dawww, absolut süß und echt toll gezeichnet! Ich bin mal so frei und schreibe den Kommentar auf Deutsch ... xD
Und was mir besonders gut gefällt: Joxter hat hier wieder diese absolut traumhaften Katzenaugen, meiner Meinung nach absolute Voraussetzung für gute Joxter-Bilder *-*
Wirklich schade, dass er nur in einem einzigen Buch auftaucht ... und ich werde wohl nie verstehen, wie es sein kann, dass er Baby-Snufkin laut Moominpappa nie gesehen hat. Ich meine ... WTF? Was hat er in der Zwischenzeit bitteschön getrieben? xD
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BAAAWW! this is awesomely wonderful and great in every kind of way!! it's so cute!
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This is so cute and awesome! Wish there was a book full of such beautiful drawings with this two!
BlueXIIRevolution's avatar
THIS is too cute.
One of the best Moomins fan arts I've ever seen!
I'm completely in love with these two.
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Love this so much! Loved to buy like art book on Moomi stuff ;_; <3 idk if it's possible on copyright issues xD 
Psyco-Pie's avatar
This is the cutest thing I have ever seen.
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I laughed when I saw the broken sign I bet my money that Joxter broke it on propose
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this is extremely cute  
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