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Welcome to Smashville

By TamarinFrog
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Wish you were here~

So we could kick your ass
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Whoa! How many characters are there in all so far?
Piplupsupersaiyangod's avatar
To hell with the iceclimbers
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Isabelle's so cute!! :D
FoxTales11's avatar
i got exited knowing she was going to be in it
If i ever play i will MAIN HER bc i dont have a switch yet
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Such cuties~ So adorable and beautiful! You're very creative you know that?
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Yayyyy!!! My favorite golden retriever is here to kick butt! <3

Isabelle and the Katamari game are my highlights of the latest Nintendo Direct! :D
Coobalt-Dahonli-One's avatar
Still a shame they're not making commemorative posters like Sm4sh (though the Inklings got one from Splatoon's devs). However, this one could work as Isabelle's just as well! =)
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Everybody wants to play as Isabel now.
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"Wish you were here~

So we could kick your ass"

*Waluigi cries in the distance*
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So happy for Isabelle getting in, she was one of my three big choices to get into Ultimate. I'm going to try and make both the Inkling and Isabelle two of my new mains!
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So cute!
I totally want this as a postcard!
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So I wonder if Isabelle had to go through a similar experience to the Ice Climbers to get through Smash following receiving the letter? Maybe every new character does? Or maybe I'm thinking about this too much.

So many happy faces, ready to beat everyone to the brink of being flung off the stage. XD Delightfully sweet picture!
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
Isabelle beating people up. It was just a matter of time.
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hooray...yeah...congrats isabelle for getting in smash...Waluigi Clapping Icon 
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So proud of our girl, Isabelle. 🙂 welcome to the team/family.
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i love that she will be in smash bros ultimate cause she felt so sad that the Mayor is in smash bros and shes not this will be a really good game i can tell cant wait to get it
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Isabelle's trailer was a nice change of pace from all the dark and gloomy trailers where characters kept kicking the bucket.

So many theories about heroes dying in a possible story mode.
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awww this is so cute
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This is so adorable. X3

Might be interesting seeing her face off against Master Hand. ;)
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Smashvile? Kicking my ass? Na, thx..i have a story to write and no one to read it
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Welcome to Smash, Isabelle! :3
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