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Yes, the baby is zorua. Some of you love this and some you hate this. I know people were expecting something unique and special from me and not something overused as this. Yes, zorua is the poster boy of 5th gen, yes zorua is overused. But guess what? I don't care. I didn't choose zorua because it is popular, I chose it because I honestly love it. And that is the only reason I need. If you can't respect that and still wish to complain about this decision, I'd would appreciate it if you didn't and wouldn't ruin this special day. Thank you.

And the reason why the baby wasn't an oshawott, mienfoo, scraggy or ANY pokemon that I already have in my Black on White comic... Well, looks like I already answered that.


Aah! The egg hatched! :squee:
Now Napoleon and Cotton are proud parents of an adorable baby girl zorua. Say all hello to Morrigan everyone! You bet she is gonna give some trouble to her parents thanks to her illusion ability. Gotta say, I really like the fact that now I have pretty much access to ANY pokemon. :giggle:

I'll tell more about Morrigan in future pictures. Now, let's just let her sleep...

part one, [link]
Part two, [link]

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