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Tammy Streams! [OFFLINE]


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Hey hoo! Gonna stream soon! Edit: stream done

• Don't spam
• Don't cause drama
• Don't fight. If you can't have a civilized conversation with someone, mute them (yes, you can do that).
• Don't be an asshole 
• No roleplaying - no more “fake” accounts
• Share links with mods before posting in the chat 

And any kind of NSFW content is not allowed from anyone if the stream is SFW
But you can expect some mature humor.

I have picarto premium membership so if you missed a stream, they are now recorded on the site and you can watch them when ever you want!

• I will update this everytime I am streaming
• Music plays so be sure to unmute the stream if you want to listen
• If you asked me something in the stream and I didn't answer (most likely because I wasn't watching chat), feel free to ask here again
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I’ll go though and watch all the older streams sometime when I‘m chilling or drawing.

00001prajwal's avatar

I missed your stream again :( ughhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa

TamarinFrog's avatar

I know it's not the same as being there when the stream is live, but you can watch the recordings of old steams on the picarto website if you want.

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cool. you still do splatoon stuff?

TamarinFrog's avatar

Only in commissions and in smash stuff

BradSega's avatar

I see. I also want to apologize for hearing what happened with Orange and Blue's VAs. I hope it did not affect you too much.

TamarinFrog's avatar

I'm only aware there was some sort of drama. But it hasn't affected me in anyway.

Xxgachawolfie101's avatar

Where is the stream gonna be?

On Youtube

Or something else

TamarinFrog's avatar

Stream has ended but the description of this image has link to the stream. I stream on picarto.

The recording of the steam is there if you want to watch it.

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When do you usually do streams? So i know when to come and watch

TamarinFrog's avatar

I usually do a stream every Saturday 6pm in Finland time (5pm CET, 11am EST, I think). I update this stream image everytime tho so that should help to know when I'm about to start.

ButtonRush's avatar

What's green and sits in the corner?

A naughty frog.

TheOmnivorusGeek's avatar

I don't think I have an account on there so I can't follow, but I can still go catch it!

Edit: Nevermind, I caught it and followed! i'm bookwyrmknight on there.

Wild-Cartoon-Feather's avatar

I really like the new Ice Climbers-picture you did. I hope you will upload it here on DeviantArt.

xtomy12's avatar

Yes roleplaying yes more “fake” accounts

leviKjellin1's avatar

hey i got to see the last bit of your stream i wish i saw it at the beginning.:cries:

PPGirl16's avatar
No guests? It was the same way last week. Did a guest do something to ruin it?
TamarinFrog's avatar
Yes, there had been cases of people whispering and linking malware websites so now you have to at least register on the site to be able to chat. I have nothing to do with this.
PPGirl16's avatar
Darn. It only takes one to screw up and ruin it for everyone else. So it wasn't your decision, but Picarto's, right?
TamarinFrog's avatar
Yes, this was picarto's doing
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