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Simple Manga Style Tutorial

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What's this? I uploaded that dewott picture to tumblr and people seemed to like it and I was asked if I could make a tutorial about this style. I think I was asked the same way back when I used this style the first time. Eek! Well, better late than never. So, here is s little warm up before those bigger tutorials I were promising.

This is my third tutorial and I hope I made it clear and simple enough to follow. English is not my first language so let me know if you see any bad mistakes. ^^;

I used photoshop CS5. These should work in older and of course in newer versions. As for other programs such as SAI, I can't help you, sorry.

This is NOT the only way to make halftones in photoshop but it's my favourite way. It does require you to be in grayscale mode (otherwise results are VERY bright colorful dots) but it doesn't bug me too much (especially if you are making a black/white picture like here). You can also make halftones with a filter effect (Filter>Sketch>halftone pattern) or playing in bitmap mode (that's a bit more complicated. I recommend to look halftone tutorials if you are interested in it.) And do note that smaller the final resized picture, the harder the dots are to see so keep that in mind when you think what size you want them to be.

Use 'em! About 99% of my textures are from CGTextures, [link] . They have excellent selection of various textures. AND FOR FREE! You only need to register on site but it's free and I have NEVER got any Email spam from them. There is also 15Mb download limit per day but I've never ran out of that either.

Speed lines
The trick I showed you here is something I learned recently thanks to this very helpful tutorial, [link]
GO AND CHECK IT! It has more about how to create that dot brush and more tips and tricks on how to make different speed lines! Very useful!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer. :D
My last tip is of course to read manga to see what kind of shading and style are commonly used in them. And if you do make something with the help of this, feel free to send me a link in comments! I would love to see. :D Thanks for reading and hopefully this was somewhat useful.
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Wild-Cartoon-FeatherStudent Filmographer
Photoshop is really not that of a tool to emulate a manga art style. 

But I'm almost sure that Clip Studio Paint is better for this.
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thegreatsixHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for this tutorial! :)
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
ShujiWakahisaaStudent General Artist
This... actually helps me alot. O.O To be honest this helped me right now understand some things i do in Manga Studio that didn't work out very well when i first did them. Thanks Tammy you are the best!
Crashstone's avatar
CrashstoneHobbyist General Artist
I was just wondering how you did this stuff, thank you so much!! this was very helpful and informative!! :D
DarinHuddy's avatar
DarinHuddy Digital Artist
:D (Big Grin) Thanx for sharing!
KentaRaikiri's avatar
KentaRaikiriHobbyist Digital Artist
omfg.....that speed lines trick.....

that's.....that is just.....

.....bloody brilliant.....holy crap....I just tested it out on Paint tool Sai and it does the exact same thing! Holy CRAP! THIS IS GOING TO BE FREAKING AWESOME! :iconsleepoverplz:

please excuse me...I need to....uh, practice for a bit...before I get back to splatoon....
TamarinFrog's avatar
Credits to the speedline trick to the other person who made the tutorial. :D It's a pretty darn good trick
KentaRaikiri's avatar
KentaRaikiriHobbyist Digital Artist
I took a look at it as well. Paint Tool Sai could only do a little bit of that, and my Photoshop Elements doesn't work well on my pc....it keeps two cursors (mouse icon) at all times, and you can really tell whether you are on top of a button like the paint bucket or if you're off to the side....

Still, it's a neat little trick, and it'll be much easier to make animated panels with it. So thank you! 
IcykirlyA's avatar
IcykirlyAHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome tutorial, thank you very much :D !
BakufunTheTyphlosion's avatar
WHOA. That speed line is actually pretty neat.
chrispybacon3's avatar
chrispybacon3Hobbyist General Artist
Ah! I worked out the brush. I was confused at first because the brush preview was a uniform shape, but then I realised that pen pressure has to be selected for size. That way the brush preview starts small, goes thicker and then back to small again (as pictured in the tutorial).
JustAGirlOnline's avatar
JustAGirlOnlineHobbyist Digital Artist
I had just noticed this now while I was browsing through your gallery, for old times sake...and I went back into your older works from 2011 to try and confirm what I thought.

Was this Cacturne you drew in this tutorial supposed to replace Steve in the short Nuzlocke challenges you did for Pokemon Ruby? I think I can see the chip in those blackglasses!
TamarinFrog's avatar
You have a sharp eye. Yes! He indeed was a replacement for Steve in my nuzlocke. I still kinda want to draw the final E4 fights of them. :)
wanderways's avatar
wanderwaysStudent Digital Artist
I have been looking for this for like 45 minutes- I't's awesome, thank you so much! :D
TamarinFrog's avatar
Ah, glad to hear you found it helpful. :D
Guardian-Flame's avatar
Guardian-FlameHobbyist Digital Artist
At long last I know how to do manga style pictures... Thank you. :D
Mantrix-Sama's avatar
Mantrix-SamaHobbyist Digital Artist
Ummm... Dis is kinda a stupid question but, does this work on Photoshop CS3?
TamarinFrog's avatar
That is not a stupid question at all! Now let me see... Hmm... I am fairly certain that this should work on CS3. :) I have CS2 on my laptop and I think all of these settings are in it.
Mantrix-Sama's avatar
Mantrix-SamaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! Dis probably will help a lot!
TamarinFrog's avatar
No problem! I hope it will!
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Mo-the-halfStudent Filmographer
My halftones seem to be distorted or the "dots" too large. I'm at 300 dpi on a 11 b 17. What should I do?
TamarinFrog's avatar
Hmm... Sometimes you just need to try stuff out. How large is your canvas? If it is big, you need to adjust the halftone settings accordingly. It is trial and error. I use different settings almost everytime depending the picture. ;)
Mo-the-half's avatar
Mo-the-halfStudent Filmographer
Well... I got a 11 by 17 inch on 300 resolution.
I tried 4 and 16 on the scale, they both looked really big and distorted. Going to 600 res didn't help much either...
TamarinFrog's avatar
Resolution has nothing to do with the dot sizes. Try changing the max radius of the color halftone settings. That decides how big the dots are.
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