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Patreon Goal - Humble Beginnings

I'm here today to announce a new patreon goal project: Humble Beginnings! Let's go back and remember where my passion for comic making started!

If this goal is reached:
• I will create three computer wallpaper sized images based on my old web comics, ICSSBMA, Cafe Cardamari Tales and Random Doom!

​• I will also post publicly some old Tier 3 exclusive art I've made featuring these three blue boys.

I make all my living through patreon so your support is needed and highly appreciated. Hope you'll enjoy the content I am offering over patreon, and this project, if we reach it. Thank you very much
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I have to ask, do you ever plan to return to your hit comic? I honest always wanted to see that lucario hit it off with that infernape

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No, I'm not interested in working on Random Doom anymore. It wouldn't make me happy.

Most of the RD cast are also given a new life in my original Bottled Up series anyway.

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Fair enough, an answer to any is better then an answer to nothing but endless supsence. It was a lovely funny, cute comic while it lasted
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Agent Blue and Orange are coming back??

Can I help you

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Popo, Lucario and Inkling Boy the Blue Boys

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I like what you did here!

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Gotta love Lucario.
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They look slightly more human-like while Lucario looks more dog-like. Cool.
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I got a account and now following you on Patreon
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Oh man, I remember Random Doom.
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Good luck on reaching your goal. Everyone starts somewhere, and yours happened to be blue. XD Good memories regardless.
Awesome! i can't wait to see what picture you make for random doom that's one of my all time favorites!.
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Very cool! I'm intrigued!
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hey Vincent ^^ 
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If it isn’t my favorite inkling.
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I would take the one about Random Doom when it is published! ^^
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