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Nintendo's #1 Couple Battle


I love how Ice Climbers' Classic Mode route is them fighting Nintendo couples and duos and second to last battle is them challenging Mario and Peach. Time to put my two favorite Nintendo couples together to duke it out!

I challenged myself here and used no pen pressure brush to line this.

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Part of a Complete Brawl Breakfast. Love how animated it looks as well as the bright and vibrant colors!

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I honestly don’t know how you do it. Your art style is absolutely amazing, and this piece of art is probably the best one I’ve seen out there. The one you made for the retro thing was so beautiful too, and I’m just amazed by how good your art is! I hope you keep up the good work, and stay safe:#1:

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Thank you. People have really liked this one so glad the style test worked out.

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This looks amazing!! I love the colors and composition!

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Wait a second I thought they were brother and sister
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its officially been stated that its up to the player to decide (i think)

i myself am in the sibling camp

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If they were, it would make more sense for them to fight Mario and Luigi in the classic mode.

But no, Sakurai has stated that they are childhood friends back in Melee development years and the official Brawl Dojo website confirmed they are friends with belay move text: When you use Belay with two climbers, they perform a feat that leaves you dazzled at the depths of their friendship!

And there's other proof too but I'm too lazy to list them.

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Holy wow, this drawing pops out!

Love all the bright colors, and the background too!

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Best double-date ever 😉

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Incoming High well made quality art!

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Looks pretty good! Love the splashes of colour :D

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The colors are stellar here!

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Flyin' veggies!

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Wait... I thought Popo and Nana where siblings.

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Copy and Pasting from my tumblr:

Melee offers some insight to the potential relationship to the two; a brief shot in the Opening of Melee features Nana and Popo high-fiving each other, with a small heart coming out from where their hands meet, and the Japanese title of Event 21: Ice Breaker roughly translating to "Be the jammer of their romance."

Also Sakurai referred to them as friends in Brawl. Always talking about their FRIENDSHIP.

“When you use Belay with two climbers, they perform a feat that leaves you dazzled at the depths of their friendship!”

“Ahem… And let’s overlook our friend’s occasional impulse to wander off, shall we?”

-Smash Bros. Brawl Website Also, a similar art style doesn’t equal siblings. Because “counterpart” designs are common in cartoon/video game couples.

By the way, Nintendo never said anything about siblings. They always refer to them as close friends.

You can’t claim that “oh they ARE siblings” when Nintendo never stated they were.

I have no idea why people jumped to siblings. I guess a duo character just made people think that. I always saw them as very good friends at least. Plus, Nintendo themselves seems to be sticking with the friend route. That is fine.

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