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Making of RD Comic

By TamarinFrog
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Download is good!

Well, well... I actually made this. People have asked me SO many times how I make my comics so here you go. Oh, and this is SIMPLE tutorial. I have simplified some things because the idea of this is to get the basic idea how I make the comic. For example, Lost Tower is really on it's own layer but I made it a part of the BG in this tutorial.

At first I was going to make a tutorial only about the shadows but I figured that I might as well show the comic progress step by step. I hope you'll find this interesting and if you learned something from this. Great! Oh, one tip for the shadows. You don't need to use bluish shadows. You can also use other colors and see how they affect the multiply result. Play around with the Hue/Saturation adjustment to get interesting results.

About line arts... I have done line arts with pencil/markers too but I've find that I get the best result with digital ways. It takes more time though and, to me, line art is the most time consuming part in comic making.

The program I use is Photoshop CS5 but you can do this with older versions too. As for other programs... There shouldn't be anything too complicated here so I think they are good too.

Edit: Commonly asked questions:

How long does it usually take to make one page?
- Depending on how complicated the page is (amount of characters and/or effects), about 5-10 hours.

How big are your working files?
- I don't change the size of scanned documents in any way. The size of one comic page while I work and BEFORE resizing is usually 2457x3437. Resolution 300. (very random numbers indeed).

And of course, you can see the final result here.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Random Doom (c) me
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I'm having trouble keeping the colour within the outline of my pictures. Can you help me?
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aa tysm this is gonna help me so much!!
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This is helping me out so much, thank you!!!X3
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Oooohh, clipping mask for the shadow !
I have to try it !

it will save me so much time.
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I'm plannng to make a comic series called "Freedom Seekers" soon and this really helped!
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damn I forgot I could use the polyagnol tool drawing straight lines is gonna be so much easier now
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This is such a fantastic, in-depth tutorial! It's helped me make my process faster, that's for sure. I didn't even think about just doing the shading for all panels on one layer and then using a clipping mask.. Nice! It helped my speed a lot!
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Very helpful !
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This work on any program ? Beacuse i have MediaBang Paint , and when i want the BG , it affect the color and lineart. I was make the same thing like you , and nothing !
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I use photoshop CS5. No idea if this can be done in your program
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Ok then . Thank you anyway.
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:D (Big Grin) Nice job! thanx for sharing!
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very nice breakdown
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I'm thinking of turning the Jedi Knight Ross story I'm working on into a comic in honor of your Random Doom series...but I am sure that it won't be half as good as Random Doom...

I'm very much an amateur when it comes to digital art. I originally planned to make stories like "Random Doom: HALO" and "Doctor Ross" into comics as well but....

As you see from my drawings, when I scan them into digital files on my computer the color is "washed out" and I am disgusted at my own drawings!

A solution was to use markers but I do have a few questions about that. Where do I find that orange/brown color Ross is? How do I shade using markers?

....My head hurts trying to answer these questions.
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Oh man, thanks really, this is so enlightening! at least with you this seems simple. Now I wish I knew how to do backgrounds :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you for sharing! This is very helpful. :D
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Wow... This made me realize how complicated the process of making just one good drawing is. Not to mention all of the groups that Tammy's in, and all of the drawings for them. 
Clap Tammy, you are truly a professional. It will probably take me a lot of practice to get even close to this... But that just sets my goals even higher! I am gonna work on my drawing skillz for days!! (Until I get my grades up that is Sweating a little... )
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Thank you!

Good luck with your own projects too! :D
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This tutorial!!! Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! I can't even explain how many thing I've been struggling with just clicked into place with this, and how many more things this has opened up for me!  
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Glad to hear you found this helpful. I've learned some better tricks after this and I hope to make a new tutorial someday but this will get you going too. :)
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