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ICSSBMA - Page 127
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Published: July 3, 2018
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Evil!Popo proves to be worthy of his name as he leaves his Nana behind. Who can’t make it on her own.
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Comments (57)
MusicalityMix's avatar
MusicalityMix|Hobbyist General Artist
i learned to stay true to myself, by watching myself die.
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SPQR21's avatar
SPQR21|Hobbyist General Artist
.Eevee, Shocked  that... what just... um... sorry? Eevee, Pained 
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leotp's avatar
leotp|Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh shoot.

she staright up ded
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Rain-Twister's avatar
Rain-Twister|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Noob Ice Climbers vs Pro/Vet Ice Climbers
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opise227's avatar
opise227|Hobbyist Interface Designer
this went dark...


badum tss

OW ok, ok... sorry
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Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
Damn! Seeing yourself fall towards apparent death? That can't be healthy.
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TippyToe-Zombie's avatar
I had assumed that the Evil Ice Climbers had one of the costumes that puts Nana in charge.
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SazerLite's avatar
SazerLite|Student Digital Artist
Watch yourself die.   :fear:
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confusedkangaroo's avatar
Similar to how if you lose Nana in game, you fight alone as Popo... They definitely don't have teamwork on their side, and while it might be faster to go up a mountain alone, it's riskier.

Seeing yourself drop of a mountain must be mentally damaging too. Give Nana a hug! 
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novadreamer648's avatar
novadreamer648|Student General Artist
Me *to Nana*: If Popo won't give you a hug, I WILL! *hugs* frisk + asriel hugging pagedoll 
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Spiceracksargent001's avatar
Just blitzed through the entire comic up to this point

Okay, good, all caught up.  Awesome comic so far, Tamarin.  Nana and Popo are definitely on-point for the whole teamwork and covering for each other thing.  Also, I hope they send Evil!Popo to join Evil!Nana via a courtesy hammer cyclone.  Now if only they would just kiss already!
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WHPLEFCT's avatar
WHPLEFCT|Professional General Artist
Wow. Fucking, WOW.
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TheSoraKid's avatar
What an ***hole. :D
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RedBlueIsCool's avatar
RedBlueIsCool|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Makes her think can she trust her own Popo...
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Firespirit27's avatar
Firespirit27|Student Traditional Artist
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Combak's avatar
Now he's screwed.
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MrMadManiac's avatar
"WHAAA!!" *death noise*
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Pokemoniac's avatar
Pokemoniac|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It must be pretty disturbing to see 'yourself' fall to 'your' death.
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ribbonfly's avatar
Time to punch Popo in the face
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n1111's avatar
Good Popo and Nana = Good team.

Bad Popo and Nana = Bad team.

Makes sense.
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WilliamBluegem's avatar
woah someones going to need therapy after this
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thedragonlover95's avatar
Well that got dark
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