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Gift - Desert Spirit

Here is first of the gift pictures. This one is for ~kolorado who bought me a three months subscription long time ago. So yeah, better late than never huh?

Here is his shiny flygon, Celestine, playing in sandstorm.
I really love flygons. She is easily my favourite dragon, along with gible. Funny thing that they both are ground/dragon... Huh.

Anyway, hope you like it Kolorado!

Celestine (c) ~kolorado (Go and read his stuff!)
flygon (c) Nintendo
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Neogms's avatar
Cool image!!
EnderJoc's avatar
One of my fav pokemon ^-^
shafninja's avatar
So Cute. Have always Loved Flygon since 2003
CeilingSapph's avatar
This is absolutely amazing! Flygon's always been my fav shiny!
And I really like how you did the sandstorm, it looks so magical! =)
PokeRouge's avatar
I have a soft spot for Flygons too. And this one is gorgeous <3
sTAR1owFLYG0N's avatar
awesome! flygon happens to be my favorite pokemon
Nortraz's avatar
i love flygons
Raichu9's avatar
tommy boy is here
neo38188's avatar
If I chose a pokemon to be that fitted my personality and is not just my favorite pokemon and would be me if I was a pokemon,it would be a flygon.
101silverspirit101's avatar
I love this concept. Desert spirit. Flygons are such cute pokémon c:
Sombraling's avatar
yay! its a shiny! <3 oh i just love flygons. Glider is my Flygon. :3 i would always have him in every game i have. i love drawing him too. maybe one day i'll post up some drawings! :D you did i very good job as always! :3 so cute. <3
raichy5's avatar
Only two words SO AWESOME!!!
Nidokingfan's avatar
This is soooooo COOL!!!!
ProtoCross's avatar
one of my fave dragon types
ProtoCross's avatar
I take it you like shinies
RedTyphlo's avatar
pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft <3
that smile <3
PokemonGrl's avatar
Oh my gawd! I love the coloring of this fan art of Flygon! It's so beautiful! And I also love how the sand came out on this too! Really nice work! :+fav:
mastermindalien's avatar
Awesome, the swirling sand is a great touch.
CuttingTheDays's avatar
Thats one of my fave newer.....ish pokemon, and I love how you did the sandstorm
Tegalad2's avatar
this is beyond words
Oblivion69's avatar
Shiny Flygon näyttää ihan väriltään tikkarilta =)
KohakuKitsune27's avatar
Fwah, I was just mindlessly breeding for a normal trapinch and I got a shiney one and this was the first thing I thought of. :D
strife64's avatar
could i have u draw me a pokemon? if your not busy.
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