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Found You!

By TamarinFrog
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It is finally done *dies with the photoshop*

Those who follow me on tumblr and/or twitter know I've been working on this little animation since June. Not nonstop of course, I took a big break and didn't know when I'd finish it but suddenly lots of people Japanese and Eastern people favourited the sketch WIP I had posted on twitter and it inspired me to finally finish this. I hope you like it.

Oh and yes. Inklings get hurt for touching enemy but they can withstand enemy ink a few seconds and he dips his hands there only for a second. No need to point that out.

Done in photoshop CS5
77 frames.
Time taken: about, 5 work days?
Over 600 layers.
Photoshop almost ded.
Image size
540x386px 1.04 MB
© 2015 - 2020 TamarinFrog
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you know these chraacters also make an appearanc ein the popuilar youtube series splatventures, madebby mmd charizard and publisehd on august 30th 2016 i like splatventures especially when the gay one says funny things like "biatch" like my old pastor

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LizziegouldStudent Artist
So cute
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mischiefdemonicaHobbyist Artist

Do I have to say anything more?
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It's so Adorable Seeing Blue And Orange Together And they Totaly Are A Couple In  this Animation
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This is so cute
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PredalienMasterHobbyist General Artist
This deserve totally all the favs!!!
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DragonMaster619Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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theamazingworldofattStudent Traditional Artist
Awwwwww~ SuperSUfan
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SuperSUfanHobbyist Traditional Artist
SO CUTE, the Inklings are just the most adorable things ever, that's why i play as them a lot in MK8~
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CartoonCrazy007Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Smooth and really creative. Good job~ Like all the ink flying around.
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Wow! Now this is what I call true art! This is beautiful! I love it! Great work! Keep it up!
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AuraCiestStudent Traditional Artist
Wow. This animation is really smooth. Keep it up
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RainbowHeartPonyHobbyist General Artist
I don't even play Splatoon, I just think this is adorable XD
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BowtieTheTimelordStudent General Artist
Honestly this is pretty cute!
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MissCCCCCCCCrowHobbyist Digital Artist
This is nostalgic
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quasyjHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhhh you made this!!! i always seen this image on twitter and after reading your comics i know who they are!!!!
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PirateKingOfSpaceStudent Digital Artist
This is cute.

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If all he had to do was to look into the ink, then where an undead like me should look around when finding girlfriend?
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MrJ-wolfguyStudent Artist
omg... That's the cutest thing i had saw!
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I love these older designs the most
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darkblazezx3Hobbyist General Artist
Wow that's so beautiful and cute, I love gif's and drawings like this they make all art feel alive, Amazing job on this. 
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Guillaume101Student Traditional Artist
So adorable.
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alexthe9999thHobbyist Digital Artist
Whinter x Clementine!
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