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Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 36
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Published: November 8, 2018
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Bella finishes her story and recalls the events that happened at the start of this story.
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Hehehehe... I love the mood swing at the last 2~3 panels.

Almost up to date ;)
NuttyDog1337's avatar
Bella... Ima kindly have to ask you to GETOVERITALREADY!
ISE-Aidan's avatar
ISE-AidanStudent Artist
Uh oh
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CitrusEucalyptusProfessional General Artist
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Heart416Student Digital Artist
NOTHING stopped Bella from simply going out of her way to visit Clem in the hospital or WHEREVER Clem was staying at and saying "Hey, I'm sorry"
But no she decided lemme nearly splat her.  Lets be honest, Bella would not have apologized if she splatted Clem.  If Clem did not notice her, there would be not even be a scene with Bella "trying" to apologize.
This is what's so perfect.  She tries to justify how she has become the PAST Clem- no now just a near murderer- herself and trying to say how she's much different.  No, that is not how it works.  If you nearly cause someone to die and then you come back to rub salt into the wound then guess what- Bella may want to stop Turfing REGARDLESS.
Demon242's avatar
Bella...You never got Clem's answer because your teammate splatted her. Clem probably would have accepted your apology; heck, probably even apologized herself and argue she deserved what happened, even if it was an accident, and it took meeting Whinter to make her let go of what ego she had left. So no, it wasn't a "fool's errand" to try and make peace with Clem. Though I will argue you really chose poorly when it can to where to give your apology. A battlefield is hardly the place to pick for such a discussion. 

Jonquil and Marian, on the other hand, is still in the air. I'd expect both to have apologies for Bella if an amiable ending is where things are headed. Jon I can see being split, blaming Bella for hurting a childhood friend, and possibly ending a romantic relationship between them as well, but knowing Bella didn't mean for what happened to happen. 

Marian, though, is more...complicated, and thus harder to predict. How bad was Bella's behavior leading up to the incident? Did the need to win blind Marian and cause her to believe winning was more valuable than a childhood friend? How much of Marian's decision was honestly hers and how much was Vadelma's? How much influence did Vadelma have, both on Marian and on Bella? Could Vadelma be more involved in the accident than we believe? Who could be a bigger obstacle between you and your romantic interest than their best friend? Who would think twice about your teammate and 'friend' handing you some gear? 

Maybe the accident wasn't so 'accidental'...if you want to get paranoid about it. Because if you do, there's a list of questions to be asked. 
TheNerdyEevee's avatar
TheNerdyEeveeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't want to wait until Thursday.... *Sigh* But I don't have a choice...
RinitheDamned's avatar
RinitheDamnedHobbyist General Artist
Oh....Bella booo......
edgy-potato-salad's avatar
edgy-potato-saladStudent Traditional Artist
Lets get the asshole as a therapist and have everyone sort this out 
QAtheAuthoress's avatar
QAtheAuthoressHobbyist Artisan Crafter
And the rest was history. 
AltoCaramel's avatar
AltoCaramelHobbyist Digital Artist
belladonna you perfect woman
AngelWarriorQueen's avatar
AngelWarriorQueenHobbyist Writer
UuuuUuUh you shot her in the back and hurt her badly enough to leave scars? I think apologizing right in the middle of a turf war is probably the worst sense of timing I've ever seen in my life.
LoungeGalaxia's avatar
LoungeGalaxiaStudent Digital Artist
She didn't shoot her, she pushed her into bombs that had fallen on the ground during their scuffle which were out of respawn bounds, THAT'S what gave her the scars

But even then, I think apologizing in the midst of a Turf War was clearly terrible timing (considering how that sorta led to her near death).
AngelWarriorQueen's avatar
AngelWarriorQueenHobbyist Writer
Ah Okay I remember now. Sorry about the misunderstanding (though yeah I think this whole thing requires everyone calming down and maybe having a good talk, without all the ink-slinging pistols and other miscellaneous weaponry.)
TeamTastyAssJams's avatar
TeamTastyAssJamsHobbyist Digital Artist
That's not what happened at all though? Did you even read the comic before leaving this comment?
AngelWarriorQueen's avatar
AngelWarriorQueenHobbyist Writer
Yes, but at the same time I read it a while back so my memory might be a bit shoddy at this time. I Beg your Pardon.
TheChocoChicken2304's avatar
It was an accident. The bomb fell off Bella's bag.
BladeSquall's avatar
BladeSquallHobbyist Writer
And this story is kind of an Aesop on how far one should let a rivalry go.  Clementine, prior to the punch and bomb, was an arrogant bitch who was also a sore winner, while Belladonna had become a sore loser who let her anger problem get the best of her at the worst possible moment and caused her to lose her team, her girlfriend, and her dignity as an honest professional ink battler.
GamerGuy126's avatar
A.  Whinter won't listen to Bella and will try to splat her.
B.  He will listen to her and try to get the two rivals to make amends.
C.  Clementine and Jonquil will apologize to Bella.
This is very good and intense!  You can really see the tension in their expressions.
MiriZombi's avatar
MiriZombiStudent General Artist
Finishhh himmm
Nioxi's avatar
NioxiHobbyist Writer
"Because I lost to her, I decided to beat the shit out of her."
"You realize you're still not that sympa-"
Chaoni's avatar
I can definitely point out how you have grossly oversimplified the situation but I have assignments... Curse college life, I can't argue online 24/7.
Nioxi's avatar
NioxiHobbyist Writer
It's called a joke.
Chaoni's avatar
I also made a joke.
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