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DD - Aloha
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Published: May 11, 2016
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Daily Drawing #72 l Aloha l Patreon l Tumblr Version

New Pokemon Sun and Moon starters are so adorable <3 Welcome to the starter family.

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theghostlytomatoNew Deviant

soo cute!! :heart:

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robbyx0xNew Deviant

So cute :3 And the colours look amazing together ^^

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JaRa02Student Digital Artist
They look so cute together
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Sophia-TheCatHobbyist General Artist
Awww it’s cute
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
We are friends forever!
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DCA-Art-15Hobbyist General Artist
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! <3
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TheGiftedPokeMasterHobbyist Artist
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EnderRileyHobbyist General Artist
I just like Litten's constant expression of "I don't care". #TeamLitten
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Axel230Hobbyist Writer
Aww, they seem to like each other :aww:.

Nice job, they look so adorable here.
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Popplio's the most adorable starter. I don't get why people dislike it. #poppliodefensesquad 
briangamer36588's avatar
Yeah, Popplio should be a cute Little Buddy.
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i love all 3 of the new starters.... yeah popplio happens to be my least favorite but thats just based on what we know now. it could easily change and be suddenly my new favorite pokemon or something if some leaks are real (the leaks for the evolutions of them) but i still adore this little seal. i personally like litten and rowlet a little bi more but i honestly dont knw who im gonna pick..... this is the first gen that has come out since i first really got into pokemon so im pretty friggin hyped but the choice for my starter is gonna kill me unless we get some new info that helps.
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FroslassOfIce Digital Artist
yes i agree with you, people should at least give popplio a chance to prove himself!! #popplidefensesquad!

Proud Popplio Emote 
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Is it just me or are these getting more ridicules as the years go by? I mean you never get a generation where you will like all of them, hell even the starter Pokémon of generation one, I only liked two of them, but this line up... I only really like the cat, and that's just on looks.

I digress, this is a nice piece, cute. :) 
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ColorsAreAwesomeHobbyist Digital Artist
XD I like all of them. think your thing is more opinion based
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If it provokes a though, then its purpose is served, besides I know its largely opinion based.

I was just referring to the generations a wholes in terms of fondness and quality of design (though the starters often are meant to be the high end of the market (being mini mascots and all), and I just feel that with what they have teased us with for sun & moon (the three starters, one of which looks like a cartoon seal clown from a circus), I personally feel that more could be done, a few well designed groups rather than one in every ten being good.

I personally hypocritically like a few from several generations but gen 1 seems to hold the majority of the best in my opinion, and though that it is largely nostalgia, I feel that what others say about generations getting worse, silly, or ugly has truth looking at those three, probably change after seeing more of this new generation, it currently stands as unimpressed.

Regardless their portrayal in this piece is good.
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ColorsAreAwesomeHobbyist Digital Artist
haha, gen 1 will always have nostalgia advantage. gen 3 is my favorite. I know some of the designs often come of as weird at first glance, but that's what I kinda like about it as well.. give them some time to grow on you and you can like learn to see the cool in things you didn't before.
sangenjin's avatar
That's very true, and to be fare and honest, gen 3 has one of my favourites ones based on looks, old Blaziken.
And most of them, especially in earlier generation whilst not works of art, don't look like a freaking ice cream... or a pile of garbage... or a bunch of gears.

I digress...
Besides I know they are meant to be unusual, its just a shame how far it is played some times.
ColorsAreAwesome's avatar
ColorsAreAwesomeHobbyist Digital Artist
I see, blazikens cool. I like Sceptile the most.
 the earlier generations had plenty weird ones too... muk, koffing, jynx and others just to mention a few XD
captainfrogger525's avatar
psh sceptile is great...... it easily outclasses all other starters..... makes them obsolete..... plus its a fire fighting type!!!!!! ..... im kidding. i love all the starters a whole ton except maybe turtwig..... it just isnt something i have ever really liked that much... i do love chimchar and piplup though.
sangenjin's avatar
Very true... but id still prefer them to some floating gears or an ice cream cone
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