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Bottled Up


BananaFly Co presents: Bottled Up!

An original comic series. Starting…. Hopefully 2018…

The logo was commissioned and designed by :iconwhplefct: Thank you for a great work!

The series will be uploaded to here, DA, but it will also have its own tumblr blog.

Thank you everyone who has showed any interest in this series. I’m so excited to work on it.

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Who is BananaFly? 
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It's my registered trade name. 
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To anyone wondering what the heck this is, the Pokemon and Splatoon characters now live in the same world and stuff happens.
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Not gonna lie, that sounds awesome! I wonder what it'll be like?
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Okay, idk why but, I feel like 'Bottled Up' makes for a silly pick-up line. XD

But for reals, how super fitting you uploaded this picture on this day~;w; I've actually got some stuff I wanna share with you, but that would be through private messaging. ;P 

Props to Whipple for the hip logo! :'D
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I'm very interested.
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Hmmm... Is that bottle a phylactery, or something similar?
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Hm...if I had to guess, I'd say that these guys are djinn/genie.
Now watch as I am proven wrong.

Either way, I am excited for this new series.
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Wow I am so excited! I've loved all your past works and I'm sure I'll love this one too! I wanna say please release it soon, but I also want you to take as much time as you need to make it extra wonderful >w<
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This'll be good. I can feel it in the air.
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Name reveal! Woohoo!
Super excited to see all your hard work coming together. ^_^
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Fantasy adventure with slice of life relationship and character building and growing stuff, too.
OXxDarkStarxXO's avatar
sounds interesting. hope i can read it soon
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original or based on a new game?
14ErrantArtistGD's avatar
Looks cool! I eagerly await!
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I've heard it said that doing fanart comics eventually leads to ideas for original comics. As with all your stories, I'll be interested to see where this goes. Also great job to Whippleeffect on the logo.
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As someone who's also working on my own original comic series for 2018, I wish you the absolute best of luck with this. I've been a big fan of your works for the last few years and have always supported you. I'm defiantly looking forward to this series and see how your squid kids are in this series!! Good luck Tammy!!
TamarinFrog's avatar
Aah sweet! Good luck to you too! 2018 is the year!
HeroineMarielys's avatar
Thank you!! Lets make 2018 the year!!
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