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Bottled Up is now in Tapas!

People have been asking me if I would upload BUP to Webtoon or Tapas, and after some thought, I chose to upload it to Tapas! Here is a banner graphic I made to use on the site

I will still upload the comic here just like always, but you now have more options.

Thank you for reading and supporting the comic!

What is Bottled Up?
Welcome to Maalja. A world where everything and everyone revolve around a magical liquid called nectar. But how does their society acquire nectar, when it's no longer found anywhere in their world? 
Join a Wind Glass called Whinter, who gets a chance to become a nectar Bottler and learn how this coveted drink is harvested. Meet new friends, rivals, enemies and maybe fall in love.

Bottled Up is a character driven, fantasy adventure, slice of life+Romance comic. Created by Jenna K "TamarinFrog"

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I gave a bloody lot of fragments!!! Hope you like it Tammy your art always inspired me to keep drawing!!!

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BUP Icon 

... okay, for the record, i couldn't resist. the short nickname of this comic's name was an opening weak point X"3
TamarinFrog's avatar
I am very aware and proud of the abbreviation of this series
APRIL BUP by TamarinFrog
ZixaHitori's avatar
X"D Oh OKAY! Glad that's taken care of then, huh? lmfao!
firelorddarkskull's avatar
Very appropriate and cool Logan literally having a Soda Bottle ^^
BladeSquall's avatar
It's a very nice banner, for sure.
TheChocoChicken2304's avatar
I love the drawing and how we finally get a look at Angelo and Taloupe's bottles! Love their designs!
One question though - how come Vadelma's is naturally pink while everyone else has white/clear bottles? Is it just something she was born with, like some kind of mutation that causes colored glass?
TamarinFrog's avatar
Bottle can be colored glass. Sorrel's bottle is also darkish blue.

Clear bottles are more common but colored bottles can happen.
TheChocoChicken2304's avatar
Oh, I see. Thanks for telling me! (Whoops, I forgot about bomb boi.)
VArtistry's avatar
Fantastic work! Have a nice day! :D
ARTgazer12's avatar
I like how you can tell their personality just by the shape of their bottles as well as the accessories on it. It's really cute
BionicleRules's avatar
I have honestly always wondered how nectar in this comic tasted
TamarinFrog's avatar
I like to think it's like soda. But each element tastes different.
I thought you weren't interested in putting your comic on sites like this not that I'm complaining
TamarinFrog's avatar
I was considering webtoons and it had some things I wasn't too keen on (like my comics are too wide to publish on that site and I didn't want to resize it just for webtoons)

After comparing webtoon and tapas, tapas seemed a better option so I decided to went with it.
BionicleRules's avatar
Ah, so water is lile blueberry, fire is orange earth is like cola but i can't really put a finger on wind... 7Up?
TamarinFrog's avatar
I dunno about the flavors but I think nectar feels like drinking carbonated soda.
BionicleRules's avatar
Ah, well i can't wait until Whinter gets nectar again, his magic is really cool ^^
Bluegirl123456's avatar
I like how Vadelma’s bottle looks like a rupee from the Legend of Zelda series.
Viper-X27's avatar
Vadelma herself kinda looks like Zelda.
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