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  • July 13, 1989
  • Finland
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Bananafly Lady

Hello! I'm Jenna, also known as TamarinFrog. Founder of BananaFly trade name.

I'm Finnish artist and I like frogs and cheese. I'm also currently into bottles, glass art and anything glass related.

Deviantart is one of my oldest platforms of posting art and this is still a place I enjoy using. I do fan art and fan comics. But my main passion and project right now is my original comic series, Bottled Up. I also stream art and games.

Other places to find me


Personal Tumblr

Main Art Tumblr

Bottled Up Tumblr

Bottled Up in Tapas


Picarto: art streams

Twitch: Game Streams Email (I will not answer art requests and such) tamarinfrog@gmail.com

Favourite Movies
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Favourite TV Shows
Gravity Falls, Avatar The Last Airbender, DBZ Abridged...Vinesauce (totally counts)
Favourite Games
Mario, Pikmin, Spyro, Pokemon, Smash Brothers, Animal Crossing etc
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Consoles
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop. Cintiq and Mozzarella Cheese


Stamp - Photoshop User
Sketches Love Stamp
I Take a Long Time To Do Shit
.: Read the comments :. Stamp
Super Mario stamp
Pikmin Stamp
Request - Spyro 1 Stamp
Kirby Stamp
PokeFAN Stamp
EarthBound Stamp
Animal Crossing Stamp
302-4 Sableye Stamp
Raichu Stamp 2
Bidoof Stampede
Silly Yoshi Stamp
Cristmas Nightmare
Gravity Falls Stamp 2012
So an update! I'm back home. The renovation is finally finished. Huzzaa. I'm still looking for a job so that takes prio over everything. But I hope to get back to streaming art again this week. BUP will be back... Hopefully soonish:tm:
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Some cool tunes

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Hi there, TamaringFrog.

You've done such an amazing job making

the Random Doom comic series!

I hope you could keep up the good work.😉

Here is my own drawing of Mega Lucario looking

at himself in the mirror with a surprised and

shocked look on his face.

When Lucario wakes up in his Mega Evolution...

Can you imagine Vincent the Lucario waking up

in his mega evolved form and had a panic attack

having no idea how he mega evolved, thinking

he's having a fashion nightmare?😆

Veruka: "Uh, Vincent, you look kinda strange..."😧

Napoleon: "Yeah, where is that Lucarionite you

were holding? It must've vanished."😕

Vincent: "Huh? What are you talking about?

Wha-?! Hey, what's going on?! What's wrong

with my body?!"😨

Vincent suddenly realized what is wrong with his

appearance, his arms, legs and his tail had changed

shape! And when Vincent looked at himself in the

mirror, much to his surprise and shock, the poor

Aura Pokemon let out a loud frantic scream that

startled Jenna's Pokemon awake!

Vincent: "GYAAAAAAHHHH!!!! I'M A MONSTER!!!"😱💦

Poor Vincent had no idea how that happened, but

before that, Vincent was holding a Lucarionite while

he is fast asleep when his Mega Evolution was

accidentally activated.😅

Your infernape subspecies are super awesome! And may I ask if maybe you can make subspecies of Pyroar consisting the East African lion, west African lion, Congo lion, cape lion, Maasai lion, Barbary Lion, The Katanga lion, Sir Lankan Lion, Asiatic Lion, and Transvaal Lion, please?

Do I have your permission to commission fellow Deviant artist bstuffs to draw a picture with one of your characters, specifically the Cafe Cardamari ink-arnation of Vadelma, as well as the cafe itself?

I can ask a question?

You have already by asking if you can ask a question.

Yes you can but I can also always ignore it if it's something not worth answering.

ok i understand sorry for bothering you i wanted to know if you took requests