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So sorry for the late reply dear Tammy but thanks so much for the feature, you really deserved the love my friend!! You are most welcome!:heart:
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Thanksssssss for  featuring my work dear!!!!
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Thank you very much for include my work in your wonderful feature, Tamara :hug:
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Why Pip in hospital?

Great gallery
 Nick and Judy - Icon 
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His brother, Bink, was in the hospital. He had a really bad allergic reaction to his food and stopped eating, he lost a lot of weight. They thought he had kidney failure. But he's okay now. He gained weight again and his nose/mouth/throat has healed from the allergic reaction. He currently has a special hypoallergenic diet.
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ahh ok
a good diet in any case is always a great thing

These little fur animals are like humans for these things and they must be understood in the same way

I remember lot of problems with the first cat died of cancer probably generated by the punctures to calm typical sexual period of heat of the cats.

The second instead was died of diabet....when you see a cat drink 15-20-30 times each day + pee and pee and pee.... these are
the first symptoms of diabets, but i didn't know this....indeed too late to do something.

What is he eating now? cereals and fishes :giggle:
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I'm really sorry to hear that Luke. :(
He can only have lamb. 
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Naaa don't worry, normal routine of the life

only lamb in box or fresh? Interesting diet
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He can have fresh and specially made hypoallergenic kibbles made from lamb. He also reacted well to rabbit meat.
He's most likely allergic to cowmeat, fish and chicken, but it is uncertain which one or more that causes the allergic reaction.
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and pasta and rice?

in any case the important he is eating without problem now
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I believe those would be okay too. But I'm not sure. I'm only allowed to keep him on his current food at the moment.
Yes, it's very important. And I'm much relieved he likes his new diet. 
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Thx for the mentions my lovely friend! :hug: :rose:
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Beautiful feature!! Thank you for including my work :hug:
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Thank you so much!!
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thank you for including my work in this wonderful feature! :hug::heart:
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Thank you very much for the feature!
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